Christmas can bring up a wealth of different emotions: from excitement to dread, and everything in between. Christmas - for a fortunate majority of us - represents time off from work and time to spend with family and friends, but this isn't good news for everyone. Christmas can be full of happiness, or riddled with painful memories and family tension. For many of us, it's a combination. 

At, we're lucky to receive wonderful contributions from our therapist members, therapy clients, and readers of the site. Here we've collected a range of our Christmas-related content, old and new, that we hope will be supportive, whatever your feelings about the festive period. 


The 12 Wellbeing Days of Christmas - Harriet Frew

How I Cope with Disordered Eating at Christmas - Harriet Frew

Family and relationships

Nostalgia Hits Hard at Christmas, But It's Not All Sad - Lucy Cavendish

Coping with Memories of Grief and Loss at Christmas - Lyn Reed

On Surviving a Family Christmas and Cooking Golden Potatoes - Ajay Khandelwal

Being Single at Christmas - Julia Bueno

Stress and anxiety

Overcoming Christmas Stress and Anxiety - Gill Hasson

Christmas Doesn't Need to be Perfect - Josephine Cropper

Why Christmas Makes Me Really Anxious - Leanne Brookes


A Letter to My Therapist at Christmas - Clara Bridges

Coping with Time Away from Therapy at Christmas - Liz Jeffries

Photo by Darren Coleshill