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Launched by Louise Chunn at the end of 2013, is devoted to helping you get better in mind and body by connecting with the best people for you. We have gathered a wide range of information, tips and advice about all aspects of mental health and wellbeing, alongside our innovative directory of therapists – professional mind and body practitioners from across the UK.

Using the site, you can find a therapist online for addiction, anxiety, depression, OCD, stress and more. You’ll even find counsellors offering online therapy – ideal if you’re not feeling as confident or don’t want to travel.

We hope that like our name,, we can empower you to build the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Louise Chunn
Jun 21, 2018

How Can Mindfulness Techniques Be Used in Childbirth?

Mindfulness in childbirth has been found to support women and their partners both physically and emotionally, posts Guildford therapist Jo Gee

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Jun 20, 2018

Tell Us About Your Experience of Therapy

Would you share your story of seeing a therapist? We want to let others know how therapy feels, and what it can achieve

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