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Life with Your Adult Children and Secret to a Good Relationship with Them

Published in the Sunday Telegraphy this interview with therapist Annette Byford is about her book Once a Mother Always a Mother, on how many mothers of adult children struggle in their relationships with them

How to Find the Right Therapist

Published on glossy website Sheerluxe, this comprehensive post covers all the options of finding therapy, through the NHS, privately, via charities. Welldoing is highly rated as a source for finding verified professional therapists and counsellors

Inside the Mental Health Epidemic Among Teenage Girls

Using the latest research alongside her experience of talking to large groups of adolescent schoolgirls, Rachel Kelly investigates the mental health of young women, and asks why females seem to be struggling disproportionally. Includes quotes from Welldoing’s Louise Chunn about parents reaching out for help for their daughters.

How Counselling Became Mainstream

Celebrities and cultural changes are encouraging the British to lose their reserve – but it’s still a work in progress, says Louise Chunn, CEO of therapist-matching service

My Wife Will Have Me Home After An Affair, But I Long For More

Therapist and author Philippa Perry recommends a man struggling with the after-effects of his affair seek psychotherapeutic help through Welldoing

Suzi Godson: I'm Struggling to Get Over My Wife's Affair

Sex advice columnist for The Times Suzi Godson suggests a husband and wife seek couples counselling via to help overcome the breach of trust caused by the wife's infidelity

Is Online Therapy Actually Better Than In-Person Therapy?

Mental health activist Rachel Kelly investigates the efficacy of online therapy since the Covid lockdown has made it necessary for all therapy sessions. Among others, she interviews's Louise Chunn about online therapy

How to Find the Right Therapist

As part of a Guardian Weekend series called How to be Happy in 2021, Louise Chunn wrote a simple guide to finding the best therapist for your needs and budget.

Am I Giving You What You Need?

As the world struggles to cope with the Covid pandemic, British therapists say clients are taking the chance to reassess relationships and make positive changes in their lives. founder Louise Chunn reports

Stella Tennant Wasn't Just Another 'Fashion Casualty'

Model Stella Tennant took her own life shortly after her 50th birthday. This week her family chose to speak out on her struggles with mental health.'s Louise Chunn reports on midlife women and suicide

Even the Cloud of Virus Has a Silver Lining

Mental health campaigner and author Rachel Kelly writes for The Tablet on how online therapy during the Covid period can help some people who shy away from the face-to-face therapy experience

There Was No Going Back founder Louise Chunn writes about how after decades as a magazine editor she switched to being an entrepreneur focusing on mental health and how therapy could help

Projects Offering Free Therapy for Frontline Healthcare Workers

More than 250 therapists and counsellors have offered free therapy to NHS workers. Positive News reported on this and other initiatives by generous therapists and professionals

How to Start Therapy in Lockdown

Just because you are unlikely to be able to visit a therapist's office during the Covid-19 lockdown, doesn't mean this isn't a good time to start seeing a therapist

She Has Given Me a "Free Pass"

Sex and relationships columnist on the Saturday edition of The Times, Suzi Godson recommends a reader uses to find a good sex therapist

Why I Go To Therapy

Moo Jevons told the Sunday Times Style section why she used the Personalised Matching Service of to find a therapist, and how valuable she found her weekly sessions with the woman she was recommended to see

Why Am I Still Crying? Identifying and Resolving Complicated Grief

Thrive Global is the site created by Arianna Huffington to improve people's wellbeing and mental health. We are proud that they regularly syndicate content from Named in Top 10 Psychology Blogs in UK and US

We are thrilled to be included in the Top 10 Most Influential Psychology Blogs in the UK and US, alongside PsychCentral and BPSDigest


How do you choose between the huge number of therapists in the UK? Midult turns to to find experts in a range of fields, from CBT to mindfulness, from psychodynamic to dealing with sexual problems

Daily Mail

Too many young women use comfort food and vast amounts of reality-numbing alcohol to help them relax after work. Louise Chunn suggests they try some self-care, and if they feel the need, talking to a professional

Get The Gloss

For many women rushing around trying to do too much has become a normal way of life. But sometimes busyness masks something deeper that needs addressing. Could seeing a therapist be the answer?


Research has found therapy can change the way you think. Founder of find a therapist platform Louise Chunn gives you 15 signs you need therapy, from low moods to losing a loved member of your family or friendship group

Get The Gloss

Many people would like to see a therapist but discover that finding the therapist who is right for them is a time-consuming and confusing minefield. On, Louise Chunn gives advice on what to look for when finding a therapist

YOU Magazine

YOU Magazine health director Sarah Stacey recounts how found the right therapist for a reader's relative who was struggling with gambling addiction. The client was seen in person, and occasionally via Skype

Daily Mail

Advice columnist Bel Mooney addressed the problems of mental health in the UK at the end of her popular column. She singled out as being "filled with information about mental health and well-being — and (what we all need) a sense of purpose and possibility"

All in the Mind

BBC Radio4's psychology expert Claudia Hammond interviewed Louise Chunn and Susanna Hailstone Walker for her weekly programme All in the Mind. The subject was social media and the effect it is having on therapists' "blank slate" -- the idea that the therapist should bring very little of themselves into the consulting room

The Independent

How a 'sleep faster, do more' culture in startups is threatening mental health. Founder of Louise Chunn is quoted on the pressures of founders and workers in the tech startup world

The Guardian

We are experiencing a work revolution – and it’s making us mentally ill. An edited version of the London Essays essay by Louise Chunn on the effect of modern work on our mental health and wellbeing

London Essays

Is your job making you sick? In an essay for the Centre for London thinktank, Louise Chunn looks at the relationship between mental health and work, and asks what we should be doing to improve our working wellbeing

The Times

Having struggled with imposter syndrome for many years, former magazine editor turned mental health website founder, Louise Chunn visited a psychologist to get to the root of her problem, and find new ways to avoid feeling like a fake

Guardian Weekend

How much should a client know about their therapist? And vice versa - could a therapist research a potential client? In the world of Google search and social media, the idea of the "blank slate" is under pressure, writes Louise Chunn

Stella Magazine

When Did We Forget to Have Fun? Women are ricocheting between frantic hedonism and self-denying diet and fitness regimes writes Lola Borg in The Sunday Telegraph's magazine, Stella. She interviewed's Louise Chunn about how we should try to find a balance between the two

Daily Telegraph

Sally's Cry For Help Went Unanswered. At the inquest into the death of author and journalist Sally Brampton several missed opportunities to help were identified by the coroner. Louise Chunn was asked by the Daily Telegraph to write about the problems of finding help for people with severe mental health issues

The Times

Younger generations dominate the world of start-ups, but there is no age limit to being an entrepreneur. For The Times business pages, Louise Chunn is interviewed about and how experience brings advantages rather than problems


Coach is a men's fitness and lifestyle magazine circulated free at central transport points around London and other UK cities. Louise Chunn was commissioned to write about how men can benefit from talking to therapists and sex therapists about their lives, relationships and sexual experiences

Courier Magazine

Courier Magazine is dedicated to new business and technology in the UK. In this issue, Louise Chunn contributed a column on the prevalence of mental health problems in the startup world, and suggested ways in which founders and their staff could work both productively and happily

YOU Magazine

YOU Magazine is the colour supplement of the high-selling newspaper the Mail on Sunday. In her regular column, health editor Sarah Stacey recommended as the Website of the Week: This invaluable website, recommended by NHS Choices, matches people with a psychological problem to a suitable, qualified therapist in their area. The process is simple: fill in a questionnaire, type in your postcode and then look through the list

Sunday Telegraph

Why is Anxiety the New Epidemic of Our Age? More than 8 million people in the UK suffer some sort of anxiety disorder and women and people under 35 are especially affected. Therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, and prescription drugs can help, but so can simple lifestyle changes writes founder of, Louise Chunn


Real Men Do Do Therapy: Men are starting to open up about their experiences of talking therapy writes Louise Chunn. They come with a variety of issues they want to address – from problems with their family, partners, work, self-esteem – and even if they were initially reluctant, they are more than happy to talk about their journey and where it has taken them

Daily Telegraph

The Anxiety Survival Guide: How to Conquer Your Worries. Saturday edition of Daily Telegraph recommends as a reliable site for finding a therapist

The Idler

Panic on the Streets of London: there is a worrying level of stress and mental illness around the fast-paced, high-risk world of startups and the digital economy. And it's not restricted to Silicon Valley. Louise Chunn writes about the phenomenon for the recently re-launched quarterly magazine, The Idler

Sunday Telegraph

We Must Talk About This Cruel Disease: Sally Brampton was a hugely respected journalist, author and agony aunt. Having suffered from depression for many years, she took her own life in May 2016. Welldoing founder Louise Chunn had been Sally's deputy during her editorship of British Elle in the 1980s. She was commissioned by the Sunday Telegraph to write about her memories of Sally – and the terrible depression that ended her life

Daily Mail

Wellbeing is Just One Click Away: in her popular weekly column in the Saturday edition of the Daily Mail, agony aunt Bel Mooney singled out as a useful, wide-ranging method of finding a therapist to suit your needs, as well as including a broad range of resources to help people seeking information or more practical help in their lives

Sainsbury's Magazine

How to Unlock the Healing Power of Your Wardrobe: seeking professional advice from academics and therapists, Louise Chunn discovers that what you choose to wear can have a positive effect on your mood and wellbeing

The Director

Taking Time Out To Grow: there is a growing trend among entrepreneurs to prise themselves away from their day-to-day comfort zone to work on developing themselves and their company. Includes Louise Chunn talking about her invaluable experience on an accelerator programme, Blackbox Connect, in Palo Alto


Into the Valley: what would the founder of a British mental health and wellbeing platform,, gain from two weeks among the cut-throat venture capitalists and super-successful nerds of Silicon Valley? Louise Chunn kept a diary of her two weeks on an accelerator programme, Blackbox Connect, in Northern California

Financial Times

Weekend Diary: Louise Chunn's account of two weeks on a Silicon Valley accelerator course, Blackbox Connect. Listening to tales of unicorns, multi-million dollar investments that fizzle out, and amazing new ideas that are just starting out is exciting for a brand-new entrepreneur with a psychotherapy platform


Anxious? In a five-page special award-winning women's magazine Stylist explores the paralysing effects of anxiety and how to conquer it. Includes a How to Find a Therapist box: tips on locating the right help for you from mental health, self-development and wellbeing site

The Observer

How Does it Feel to be a Grey Entreprenuer? After joining Google's pilot programme Founders over 50 in London's Shoreditch, Louise Chunn's confidence and opportunities expand as she moves her find a therapist platform to the next level


Free Your Mind: an explanation and exploration of how therapy works, including case histories from therapists Gilead Yeffett and Nicole Addis. Author Louise Chunn also explains the different styles of therapy and how to select the best individual for your needs

The Times

Anxiety and Depression: the rise of the 20something life crisis. Why are so many young people suffering and how can they be helped? To the surprise of many, the twentysomething age group is nearing the rates of anxiety and depression seen in early middle age, when a dip in mental health is to be expected. But during the so-called Freedom Years of late adolescence and early adulthood? Louise Chunn asks: whatever happened to the best time of your life?

The Spectator

How to Choose a Therapist: The dynamic between patient and psychotherapist is the key ingredient for success writes Patrick Strudwick in the Spectator Health section. Shopping for the right psychotherapist could turn a happy, uncomplicated person into Woody Allen. Even in sound mental health you have to know what to look for and where to look.

Daily Telegraph

How to Choose a Therapist: The variety of counsellors is vast and can be confusing, but a clever new website,, now matches patients with specific therapists. Victoria Lambert talks to former journalist Louise Chunn about how it works and what inspired her to launch this groundbeaking digital innovation

Good Housekeeping

Click for a Mood Boost: new website launched by former Good Housekeeping editor Louise Chunn. If you want counselling but have no idea what would suit you best, just fill in the questionnaire to find the psychotherapists most likely to help. There’s no fee and you won’t have to take things further, but if you need one-to-one advice as well as inspiration, the information will be there

The Times

Do You Need a Therapist? How to Choose the Right One. Across the UK the number of people seeking help by talking to a counsellor or psychotherapist is rising. According to a BACP survey 28 percent of British adults had at some stage tried therapy (roughly a 40 per cent rise since 2010). Louise Chunn gives advice on finding the best therapist for your needs

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