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How to find a therapist or coach using

There are various ways to find a therapist, counsellor or coach on and the best route will depend on how much help you need. 

From a simple postcode search to a personal matching service, we can help you find the right professional to see in person or online. 

Personalised Matching Service

Short on time, or simply can't make up your mind? Complete an extended assessment which is anonymised before being reviewed by a mental health professional. There is a charge of £66 for this popular premium service. Sign up here


If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, our easy-to-use questionnaire will take you through a handful of questions to give you the top selections of suitable therapists in your area of choice. 

Try our therapist questionnaire here 

Try our coach questionnaire here

Quick search and filter

If you know what type of therapy or type of coaching you are looking for, use the quick search options page to search by type of therapy or coaching and then postcode. You can leave the location box blank to search for online therapists and coaches. 

Find a therapist here

Find a coach here

Tips for finding the right therapist, counsellor or coach

Read the therapists’ and coaches' profiles, any articles they have written, or visit their websites. Many have completed our Meet the Therapist and Meet the Coach interviews, which will help you understand the way they work.

Therapists and coaches set their own prices and hours, so look for someone to fit your budget and schedule. 

When you are ready to connect, use the 'contact me' button on their profile to send them a message. It's usual to give a brief outline of what you want to talk about.

You can book and pay for an appointment with the therapists and coaches who offer online booking. Otherwise our members will let you know about charges and times.

If you would like to use online booking and your chosen therapist or coach doesn’t have it set up, just let us know.

And if you need more help, simply get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Use our resources

We have over 2000 articles and resources on mental health, therapy, coaching, wellbeing and self-development on

Our content on different issues you need help with and types of therapy is all vetted by professionals.

Posts are written by therapists, coaches, authors or individuals who are sharing their experiences.

We also have books recommended (by therapists and their clients) and cultural reviews.

Take a look at our video content too

We regularly upload videos to our YouTube channel – take a look here