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New Autumn 22 series Announced: Free Online CPD for Welldoing Members

Welldoing members can access free certificated online CPD at our Wednesday Lunch and Learn sessions. Expert therapists and authors are interviewed for the first 30 minutes, then attendees can join the Q and A for the second half of the session. All sessions start at 12:30 and run to 1:30. Pre-booking is essential.

The Zoom sessions have been very popular with our members:

“We are able to talk freely and share our thoughts and feelings about so many important and interesting subjects.”

“I benefit greatly from being connected to a larger and bigger force through Welldoing. I am so grateful for these gatherings, thank you Welldoing.”

“Lunch and Learn is a brilliant initiative - very well managed between speakers and questions and really thought-provoking. It’s a focused, bite-size piece of learning that that easily fits into the day.”

How to book

To attend any upcoming events, you must be a Welldoing member, either a therapist or coach. All the details about joining can be found here

Members can email [email protected] with the date of the session in the subject line. You will be sent a Zoom link to the event on the morning of the session. 


Wednesday September 7: Why People Struggle With Time

with author and journalist Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman’s latest book Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller. It has been warmly welcomed by a wide range of readers, from Wharton Business School professors to comic novelist Marian Keyes. From 2006 to 2020 he wrote This Column Will Change Your LIfe in The Guardian.

Wednesday September 14: Understanding Clients’ Self-Criticism

with Welldoing member and UKCP integrative psychotherapist Julia Bueno

Julia Bueno is a psychotherapist and author living in North London. She has just published Everyone’s a Critic; Stories of Learning to Feel Good Enough. Previous book The Brink of Being: Talking about Miscarriage won the BMA Popular Medicine Book Award, and was runner-up in the BPS Book Award 2021.

Wednesday September 21: Understanding Drug Use in the Modern World (from cannabis to chemsex)

with Welldoing members psychotherapist Ondine Smulders and integrative counsellor Benedict Hoff

Ondine Smulders is an existential psychotherapist. She is a UKCP member and has a great deal of experience in treating young adults and other clients; she previously worked in investment banking.

Benedict Hoff is a BACP counsellor, mindfulness teacher and trainee sex and relationship therapist in private practice. Previously he was Clinical Lead for Mental Health with sexual health charity Spectra where he developed a PHE-funded Mindfulness-Based Chemsex Recovery Programme which he continues to co-facilitate with colleagues. Benedict works with young people, adults and couples/thruples, in particular, those from LGBTQ+ communities. 

Wednesday September 28: Working with Vulnerable Clients 

with Welldoing member psychotherapist Brian Ward

Brian Ward is a psychotherapist who operates, both paid and pro-bono, in the highest deprivation areas of Kent. He is also a Director of Reset-21 CIC ( training organisations in trauma informed care and practice (TIC) and development of psychologically informed environments (PIE’s). He is a retired Kent Police Drugs Expert and has worked in the forensic sector for over 35 years. He specialises in working with clients with complex trauma and multiple co-morbidities.  

Wednesday October 12: Where Do We Stand on Self-Disclosure

with Welldoing member psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber

Charlotte Fox Weber is a UKCP and BACP member, and author of What We Want: a Journey Through 12 of Our Deepest Desires. Born and raised in the US, she lives in London. She is one of the Dear Therapist authors on Welldoing’s weekly newsletter and set up the psychotherapy service at the School of Life.


Wednesday July 27: Understanding Changes in the Mother-Daughter Relationship

with BACP and BPS psychodynamic  psychotherapist Annette Byford and author Leah McLaren 

Wednesday July 20: Working with Clients to Make Lifestyle Changes

with UKCP psychotherapist and personal trainer Andrew Keefe and BACP integrative counsellor and yoga teacher Olga Chernyavska

Wednesday July 13: Working with Clients with Long Covid and Other Chronic Illnesses 

with BACP member Elizabeth Turp and BACP and UKCP member Wendy Bristow

Wednesday July 6: What Therapists Need to Know About Male Therapy Clients 

with BACP, UKCP and BPC member   Gershon Portnoi

Wednesday June 29: Working with Clients from Outside Your Class or Upbringing

with Welldoing members Cristalle HayesUKCP-verified existential psychotherapist and author, and Sue Cowan Jenssen, UKCP and BACP-verified integrative and EMDR psychotherapist

Wednesday June 22: Understanding Teenage Girls

with clinical psychologist Dr Tara Porter, author of Sunday Times’ bestseller You Don’t Understand Me: The Young Woman's Guide to Life

Wednesday June 15: Why Therapists Should Challenge Their Clients

with Welldoing members Matt Wotton and Graham Johnston, psychotherapists, executive coaches, and co-directors of the London Centre for Applied Psychology

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