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Free Online CPD for Welldoing Members

Welldoing members can access free certificated online CPD at our weekly Lunch and Learn sessions

  • Expert therapists and authors are interviewed for the first 30 minutes, then attendees can join the Q and A for the second half of the session
  • All sessions start at 1pm and finish by 2pm. Pre-booking is essential to enter the Zoom call.
  • Sessions are held on Wednesday or Thursdays at the same time
  • Certificates for individual sessions are delivered within a month of the session
  • Currently recordings of the sessions are not available, though this will be possible in late-2023.

How to book

To attend any upcoming events for free, you must be a Welldoing member, either a therapist or coach. All the details about joining can be found here

Members can email [email protected] with the date of the session in the subject line. You will be sent a Zoom link to the event on the morning of the session. 

If you are a therapist, but not a member of Welldoing, you can now buy a ticket to individual Lunch and Learn sessions through Eventbrite. You will be asked to provide us with proof of your professional membership (eg BACP, UKCP, NCPS, etc) and you will receive a certificate if you attend. 

What our members think

The CPD sessions have been very popular with our members:

"I find these sessions thought provoking and informative and find myself revisiting counselling relationships past and present to see how I can improve and support my clients better."

“We are able to talk freely and share our thoughts and feelings about so many important and interesting subjects.”

"Thank you for putting these on - I have referred a couple of clients to therapists who have been interviewed here amongst finding the information invaluable in general."

“I benefit greatly from being connected to a larger and bigger force through Welldoing. I am so grateful for these gatherings, thank you Welldoing.”

“Lunch and Learn is a brilliant initiative - very well managed between speakers and questions and really thought-provoking. It’s a focused, bite-size piece of learning that that easily fits into the day.”


Wednesday September 6 at 1pm: The Case For Therapy: A Straight Talking Introduction

with Welldoing therapists Graham Johnston and Matt Wotton, authors of newly published book A Straight Talking Introduction to Therapy: what it is, why it works, and how to get it.

Wednesday September 13 at 1pm: Psychedelics -- Harm Reduction and Integration in Therapy

with Welldoing psychotherapist Jo Nicholl.

Wednesday September 20 at 1pm: Family lawyer Q&A – Myths and misconceptions: Divorce and relationship breakdown

with Emma Willing, partner, and Beth Bell, senior associate at the family law division of Pennington Manches Cooper LLP.

Wednesday September 27 at 1pm: Dealing with Past Abuse as a Therapist

with Welldoing psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber whose account was published in Time magazine.

Wednesday October 4 at 1pm: Family lawyer Q&A – Myths and misconceptions: Surrogacy and modern family building

with Emma Willing, partner, and Bethan Carr, senior associate at the family law division of Pennington Manches Cooper LLP.

Thursday October 12 at 1pm: How to Use Role-Playing Games with Younger Clients

with Daniel Hand, BACP psychotherapist and author of Role-Playing Games in Psychotherapy

Wednesday October 18 at 1pm: Mental Health, Activism and Climate Change

with activist and author of Spinning Out Charlie Hertzog Young and Welldoing psychotherapist Lucy Johnson.

Wednesday October 25 at 1pm: How Class Divides Us, and Can Therapy Break Down the Shame?

with Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, author of An Uneasy Inheritance: My Family and Other Radicals


Thursday July 27 at 1pm: Surviving the Aids Crisis and Beyond

with journalist and activist Paul Burston, author of just-published LGBTQ memoir We Can Be Heroes.

Wednesday July 19 at 1pm: Understanding a Traumatic Childhood

with Suzanne Heywood, author of Wavewalker: Breaking Free and Welldoing member Sally Warren, psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Wednesday July 12 at 1pm: Hadley Freeman Discusses Her Experience of Anorexia

with columnist (formerly Guardian, now Sunday Times) and author Hadley Freeman. Her book Good Girls: A Story and Study of Anorexia was published in April 2023.

Wednesday July 5: What therapists need to know about ADHD

with Welldoing member Bethany Ashley-Smith, an EMDR practitioner who has undertaken specific ADHD training.

Thursday June 22: Men's Mid-Life Crisis as Seen By a Coach and a Therapist

with Welldoing coach Andrew Waddell and Welldoing therapist Graham Johnston, discussing different ways of helping male clients negotiate the mid-life crisis.

Thursday May 25: Working With Women and Desire

with UKCP member psychoanalytic psychotherapist Maxine Mei-Fung Chung, whose book What Women Want was published in February 2023.

Wednesday May 10: Is Anger the Real Problem for Your Female Clients?

with Welldoing and BACP and BPC member Jennifer Cox.

Wednesday May 4: Boundaries, Confidentiality and Consent

with Welldoing and BACP member Annette Byford. Annette is the author of Once a Mother, Always a Mother.

Wednesday April 26: Working with Reproductive Loss

with Julia Bueno, author of The Brink of Being: Talking About Miscarriage, which was named Popular Medicine Book of the Year 2021 by the British Medical Association and Everyone's A Critic 

Thursday April 19: Melody Beattie on Codependent No More

with international best-selling author Melody Beattie, whose new edition of Codependent No More has just been published

Wednesday March 15: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

with Kat Farrants, founder of Movement for Modern Life, the leading yoga and wellbeing platform. She first started teaching yoga in 2000. 

Wednesday March 8: Talking to Clients About Grief and Loss

with BACP therapist and coach Lucy Cavendish whose sister unexpectedly died last year and Alan Percy, former head of student counselling at the University of Oxford.

Wednesday March 1: Co-creating Therapy Direction With Your Client

with Welldoing and UKCP member  Charlotte Fox Weber, integrative psychotherapist and author of  What We Want: A Journey Through 12 of Our Deepest Desires.

Wednesday February 22: What it Takes to See Couples for Counselling

with Susanna Abse, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and the former CEO of Tavistock Relationships. She works in private practice and her book  Tell Me the Truth About Love was published last year.

Wednesday February 8: Why You Should Write Your Clinical Will

with psychodynamic psychotherapist Helena Cook who has written on the subject of clinical wills for therapists

Thursday February 2: What Can Counselling and Psychotherapy Contribute to Wider Social Justice and Change?

With Mick Cooper, Professor of Counselling Psychology, University of Roehampton. His new book is Psychology at the heart of social change: Developing a progressive vision for society

Wednesday January 25: Working with New Mothers as Clients

with integrative psychotherapist Miriam Christie.

Thursday January 19: How to Integrate Whole Body Awareness; Movement, Breath and Polyvagal Theory for Sleep Recovery in Therapy

with psychotherapist and yoga teacher Lisa Sanfilippo. She is the author of Sleep Recovery: the Five Step Yoga Solution to Restore Your Rest.

Wednesday November 23: Helping Students Who Struggle and Their Parents Who Worry

with psychotherapist Alan Percy, former head of counselling at the University of Oxford

Thursday November 17: Understanding Boarding School Syndrome

with expert psychotherapist and author of Boarding School Syndrome: The Psychological Trauma of the ‘Privileged Child', Joy Schaverien

Wednesday November 9: What Therapists Should Know About Anti-Depressants

with psychotherapists Matt Wotton and Graham Johnston

Wednesday November 2: Managing Your Tech Communication to Prevent Burnout 

with transformational coach Neil Lawrence

Wednesday October 19: Where Forgiveness Fits in Therapy 

with founder of The Forgiveness Project and author Marina Cantacuzino

Wednesday October 12: Where Do We Stand on Self-Disclosure

with Welldoing member psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber

Wednesday October 5: Working with Couples: The Pros and Cons

with couples counsellor and author Joanna Harrison

Wednesday September 28: Working with Vulnerable Clients 

with Welldoing member psychotherapist Brian Ward

Wednesday September 21: Understanding Chemsex

with psychotherapist Kevin Franke

Wednesday September 14: Understanding Clients’ Self-Criticism

with Welldoing member and UKCP integrative psychotherapist Julia Bueno

Wednesday September 7: Why People Struggle With Time

with author and journalist Oliver Burkeman

Wednesday July 27: Understanding Changes in the Mother-Daughter Relationship

with BACP and BPS psychodynamic psychotherapist Annette Byford and author Leah McLaren 

Wednesday July 20: Working with Clients to Make Lifestyle Changes

with UKCP psychotherapist and personal trainer Andrew Keefe and BACP integrative counsellor and yoga teacher Olga Chernyavska

Wednesday July 13: Working with Clients with Long Covid and Other Chronic Illnesses 

with BACP member Elizabeth Turp and BACP and UKCP member Wendy Bristow

Wednesday July 6: What Therapists Need to Know About Male Therapy Clients 

with BACP, UKCP and BPC member   Gershon Portnoi

Wednesday June 29: Working with Clients from Outside Your Class or Upbringing

with Welldoing members Cristalle HayesUKCP-verified existential psychotherapist and author, and Sue Cowan Jenssen, UKCP and BACP-verified integrative and EMDR psychotherapist

Wednesday June 22: Understanding Teenage Girls

with clinical psychologist Dr Tara Porter, author of Sunday Times’ bestseller You Don’t Understand Me: The Young Woman's Guide to Life

Wednesday June 15: Why Therapists Should Challenge Their Clients

with Welldoing members Matt Wotton and Graham Johnston, psychotherapists, executive coaches, and co-directors of the London Centre for Applied Psychology

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