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Welldoing Workplace Wellness

The answer to your staff mental health and wellbeing support needs.

Accelerate your company’s wellbeing offering and improve employee satisfaction and retention with the UK’s leading therapist and coach matching service.
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Tailored to your business and budget

Programmes designed to suit you and your business

Our Welldoing Workplace Wellness programme offers a cost-efficient therapy solution for employee mental health and coaching support solutions. Membership gives your employees unrestricted access to:
1-1 sessions with over 1200 professional coaches and therapists who can cover every facet of mental health and personal development.
Personalised matching services to ensure employees are matched to their ideal practitioners, increasing the chance of a positive therapeutic or coaching outcome.
Monthly wellbeing awareness newsletters and live webinars, aimed at raising employee awareness and allowing an opportunity to anonymously ask questions about topics of interest.
Access to the UK’s leading source of professionally produced content, including practioner produced articles, podcasts and video libraries covering all aspects of mental health and wellbeing
On demand wellbeing scorecards and personalized feedback
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How it works

Managed online therapy and coaching

At Welldoing we recognise that workplace wellness is no longer a perk, it is a necessity, and with the leading therapist and coach matching service in the UK, you are in safe hands.

All our coaches and therapists are verified as members of professional associations such as the BACP and the NCS and our bespoke Personalised Matching Service means that your staff can access a widely diverse range of coaches or therapists.

Your membership allows your employees to discreetly access our Personalised Matching Service which focuses on understanding individual needs and requirements.
Employees meet with their therapist or coach for a pre-agreed number of online sessions. Each session costs one credit. Credits can be capped by employee or company at your discretion.
Booking & payment is managed by Welldoing with anonymised usage stats provided through your progress dashboard.

To date, we have matched more than 30,000 people with a therapist or coach who is right for them. Let us do the same for your employees.

Contact our friendly team today to find out more.

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"We were very impressed with the webinar that created specifically for our team of communications executives. They are particularly good at communicating jargon-free information from respected sources in a straightforward but sensitive manner, which was much appreciated by all our staff."
Robert Pine, ing Media