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Client testimonials

"I know I wouldn't have found my therapist if I hadn't used the personalised matching service. It was a big step for me to consider therapy, and it was made much easier by welldoing.org."
Fiona, in her 50s - Used the Personalised Matching Service
"Selecting from the verified therapists on welldoing.org made the difficult process of choosing a therapist feel safer and more manageable than doing it via Google. Something in my therapist's description spoke directly to my experience and, after my second session, I knew I had the right one."
Roisín, 25
"It's an almost impossible task trying to find a suitable therapist so having this type of service is very helpful. Certainly worth the money."
Anita, 66 - Used the Personalised Matching Service
"I recommended the therapist directory to my troubled adult daughter. She quickly found a warm incredibly helpful counsellor there. Neither of us had known quite how to find someone who could help with bereavement and other issues that were crippling her self-confidence. Already I see a transformation in her; her dad would have been so proud."
Emma, 50
"Using the paid-for service, I was matched with a softly-spoken Irish woman in her fifties; I really trust her expertise. I look forward to unravelling more knots each week. I know this is doing me a world of good."
"Welldoing.org took the indecision and stress out of finding a therapist. It gave me the push to actually follow through and see a professional.”
"After witnessing a suicide attempt by a close relative, my daughters needed to get professional support quickly in order to help them process the trauma. Welldoing.org enabled us to get help immediately and offered an easy step-by-step process to ensure we were able to tailor the right therapist to the different needs and ages of my daughters. Highly recommended."
Jay, 40

Therapist testimonials

“Welldoing has helped me build my practice like no other directory. When I left my private practice for maternity leave, I was worried about building my practice up again after returning to work, however, I began receiving enquiries from welldoing from the moment I started work again.”
Gita Arbabi, psychodynamic psychotherapist, London
“Since joining welldoing.org the number of clients I have received has really helped me build my practice.”
Ruth Dines, integrative psychotherapist, London
“Of the potential clients who contact me through welldoing.org, 4 out of 5 become clients. This is a good ratio.”
Tolis Marinos, person-centred therapist, South-East London
"Returning to London, leaving a healthy practice abroad, behind seemed a daunting prospect. However I joined Welldoing and it was like never having been away. I was referred people who live or work close by and who had already been able to see if I was a match. The added bonus was that I felt supported being with Welldoing."
Fiona Austin, London therapist
"I value being part of the welldoing.org community. Not only do I receive client referrals through the site, but also get the opportunity to write articles and raise awareness about different subjects. I have felt valued and supportedon the directory rather than simply being another person on the list."
Harriet Frew, Cambridge integrative therapist
“I think welldoing.org is head and shoulders above other therapist listings sites.”
Jacky Francis Walker, Harley Street therapist
"Welldoing's booking system is very good. It's taken away the administration burden and ensures that I will be paid. My clients really like the system as it enables them to log in, see my diary and then choose a session when it suits them."
Gail Collins-Webb, Jungian therapist in Reading and online

Press testimonials

"Type 'find a therapist for anxiety' into Google and you'll be bombarded with adverts and promises of help, sending your heart-rate into overdrive. Thankfully, there is welldoing.org – a mental health, self-development and wellbeing website designed to match patients with therapists."
Stylist Magazine

"If you feel you need the help of a therapist, the website welldoing.org helps you to find a suitable, qualified and experienced therapist locally."
Sarah Stacey, You Magazine, Mail on Sunday

The Times logo

"A good place to look [for a therapist] would be welldoing.org, an excellent resource that enables accredited therapists to be found based on an analysis of need via questionnaires. The therapists can also work online for those who find face-to-face work challenging, which is useful for teenagers with social difficulties."
Prof Tanya Byron, The Times

"I heartily recommend independent website welldoing.org. It's filled with information about mental health and wellbeing."
Bel Mooney, agony aunt, Daily Mail

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