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Client testimonials

"I know I wouldn't have found my therapist if I hadn't used the personalised matching service. It was a big step for me to consider therapy, and it was made much easier by welldoing.org."
Fiona, in her 50s - Used the Personalised Matching Service
"Selecting from the verified therapists on welldoing.org made the difficult process of choosing a therapist feel safer and more manageable than doing it via Google. Something in my therapist's description spoke directly to my experience and, after my second session, I knew I had the right one."
Roisín, 25
"It's an almost impossible task trying to find a suitable therapist so having this type of service is very helpful. Certainly worth the money."
Anita, 66 - Used the Personalised Matching Service
"I recommended the therapist directory to my troubled adult daughter. She quickly found a warm incredibly helpful counsellor there. Neither of us had known quite how to find someone who could help with bereavement and other issues that were crippling her self-confidence. Already I see a transformation in her; her dad would have been so proud."
Emma, 50
"Using the paid-for service, I was matched with a softly-spoken Irish woman in her fifties; I really trust her expertise. I look forward to unravelling more knots each week. I know this is doing me a world of good."
"Welldoing.org took the indecision and stress out of finding a therapist. It gave me the push to actually follow through and see a professional.”
"When my then-14 year old hit a wall of existential nihilism – deeply unhappy, full of self-loathing, unmotivated – I used Welldoing to find a therapist who our daughter liked. It took 9 months of weekly sessions, but by the end, my daughter was a changed person, much more able to cope with her anxiety and negativity, even during the pandemic. If we hadn’t found Joanna I’m not sure how things would have worked out. "
Naomi, 48
"I read about welldoing.org in a feature in Weekend Guardian about counselling and therapy. The list of therapists was too large to make an informed choice so I used the Matching Service which provided personally tailored advice about the type of therapy which could be beneficial together with suggesting a therapist to contact. I was very pleased with the person I used who has been enormously helpful. I would certainly recommend this service."
Richard, 66 - Used the Personalised Matching Service

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