This is just a quick post, to proudly announce that we have published an eBook: A Happier, Healthier You: The Welldoing How To Guide

We have collected contributions from a wonderful array of experts, psychologists and writers, who offer their best advice on subjects that will – we hope – serve to make life less stressful and more enjoyable and balanced for you too. This How To Guide is all about your mind and body, with advice ranging from how best to start the day, how to build inner strength, how to find the job you love - and everything in between. And it's only 99p.

Some of the chapters of the book are from the experts and writers you know from the site, with information taken from their most popular pieces. Some of the content is brand new and exclusive to the eBook. Our vision with the Welldoing How To Guide was to create something which you can call upon whenever you need a bit of advice or a little pick me up, and it's all there for you in the one place.

This is not meant as a pressure-cooker course in perfection, but a thoughtful, useful resource, filled with actionable advice that would help most of us live a little better.

We hope that you can learn from it and cherish it for yourself, or pass it on to a friend or loved one.

Wishing you all the best,

The Welldoing Team


You can follow this link for more information: A Happier, Healthier You: The Welldoing How To Guide