The new issue of Planet Mindful is now in the shops (specifically Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Sainsbury's) and once again the therapists and contributors to feature heavily within its advertisement-free, non-glossy pages.

The philosophy behind Planet Mindful is that people are looking for something different in their lives. As I wrote in the editor's letter in the first issue, launched in January, "You're conscious that much today seems over-processed, super-sonically fast, increasingly impersonal. You want to slow things down, take time to develop interests, strengthen relationships, treasure your mental health and wellbeing."

The summer issue kicks off with a great piece by therapist Wendy Bristow on the downsides of perfectionism, plus there are posts republished from this site: Joanne Harris on breathing through anxiety, Karen Pollock on not letting politics get in the way of relationships with friends and family, and Hilda Burke on how couples can move past the "conflict stage". There are also pieces that include quotes from Harriet Frew and Sarah Dean, plus an attachment style quiz compiled by our content editor Alice McGurran.

As before, at the core of the magazine is wellbeing and mindfulness, but there is plenty that is new too, including Clara Bridges on the freedom of sitting on a nudist beach, a review of medicinal herbs, a paean to travelling alone, the life of a master foraging textile designer, and tips for making your summer holiday relatively stress-free. 

I believe Planet Mindful is complimentary to what we're doing at If you like it, and want to contribute, get in touch with me at [email protected]

Planet Mindful, £5.99