Whenever I see the doodle-y logo of Mind mental health charity all Londoners must have seen a thousand times I am reminded of a particular time in my life. At the time when I turned to Mind, I was suffering from another relapse of depression. I was stuck in a dead end job cold calling companies about a software solution no one seemed particularly interested in. I had also just broken up with a long term boyfriend and everything seemed dark and scary. I remember going to work, all hunched up with anxiety for the day ahead, longing for the time I'll be on my way back and finally able to - without having dinner or even speaking to anyone - curl up in bed the moment I arrived back in my rented room.

This story isn't unique by any means, nor is it finished and forgotten. What really matters though is that it's now an integral part of me. I'm proud to have arrived at a place where I truly own it. What matters also is that more people get to this very place of owning their darkness. It's a place of humble, but authentic, power. If you want to know what I mean, check out this video with Stephen Fry featuring two people who share from this place.

A close friend recently defined happiness as "embracing your own fuckupedness" and this made me smile. I organise quarterly events known as Unconventional Conventions, featuring memorable TED style talks and creative performers. The up and coming one is themed "The Ultimate Eccentricity: Happiness" and discusses how to find the courage, and tools, to simply be happy on a daily basis. 100% of ticket revenues go to Mind to support those who have yet to explore and embrace their dark places.

We are meeting at 6.30 this Thursday at McQueens in Tabernacle St, Shoreditch (for details and lineup click here) for an evening of great content, fun and celebration of our collective "fuckedupness" and the miracles it can create. We would love for the group to be even bigger so if this resonates with you, please join!

If you are busy that night but would like to donate to Mind anyway, feel free to do it through my event page or Mind's.