Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It's the time of year when we will hear such festive sentiments shared all around us. For some of us, that's just how we're feeling: happy to get together with friends and family and fend off the dark midwinter with plenty of eating, drinking and lounging about, as we enjoy a week or so off work.

But it's not true of everyone, for many reasons. Some people are far from their families, or estranged from them. Some families are less than happy units, and this time of year can seem particularly stressful, when they watch the apparent good times happening in other people's households. Some of us are facing memories of loved ones with whom Christmas was always shared, but death has meant only memories are left behind.

We have Christmas posts to suit every mood here or if you've have enough of Christmas, the site has more than one thousand posts on everything from advice for self-care to types of therapy, from personal accounts of dealing with troubles to books that can offer advice. You can also take this time to search for a therapist as New Year is a time that many people decide that they will, finally, seek the help they need.

It's been another great year for welldoing.org, and we hope you agree. If you have a moment, tell us what you think of our service on Trust Pilot

Louise, Adam and Alice

The welldoing.org team