Winter is a season of flux. When the first chilly mornings arrive and the nights grow longer than the days, we have a tendency to turn inward and hibernate. But this season can be an opportunity to recharge our batteries and renew our inner selves.

Chinese medicine teaches us that this is the season to pay particular attention to our kidneys, whose good health is synonymous with youthfulness and longevity. Since the body is made up of over 70 percent water, dehydration has an aging effect, while hydration promotes a healthy life.

Our hair reflects our general state of health. Soft, glossy tresses indicate a good level of hydration, while dry, broken, or prematurely gray hair is often a sign of mineral deficiencies. It’s important to learn how to keep appropriately hydrated, but you should also understand how to avoid the causes of dry skin, wrinkles, joint problems, and pain.

How to avoid dehydration

Here is a list of foods, products, and situations to avoid:

→ overly spicy or salty food

→ excessive consumption of meat or fatty foods

→ coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes

→ sleepless nights

→ going to bed too late

→ naps after eating

→ heavy dinners

→ excessive sun exposure

→ excessive sexual activity

→ inactivity

How to stay well hydrated

Here is a list of recommended foods and activities:

→ nuts

→ vegetable proteins

→ green vegetables

→ seasonal fruits

→ soups

→ sparkling water rich in sodium and phosphorus

→ mineral water in glass bottles

→ eating meals at regular times

→ sleep and relaxation

→ deep breathing

→ thalassotherapy

→ strolls after lunch and dinner

A little test

Tug lightly at the skin on the back of your hand and immediately let it go. If your skin is well hydrated, it will spring back like an elastic band. If your skin is dehydrated, it will stay wrinkled for a moment.