Four years ago I witnessed a suicide at a train station. I have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress disorder ever since, causing me numerous anxieties, including fear of trains and tube platforms (imagine commuting in London), fear of heights, claustrophobia and a few more. Luckily I never suffered from social anxiety; otherwise there would be no Anxieteehee.

I have been treated with various medications, but I stopped taking them as I started to be afraid of what I am capable of whilst half conscious. I have taken part in CBT run by my local NHS trust. It was refreshing to see there are others with equally ‘quirky’ problems. During that period I read a lot about anxieties. My therapist was very supportive and kept sending me new articles and books.

Years later I have decided to advance my career and started studying towards an MA in Applied Imagination at Central St Martins. The best way to describe my MA is I sit, think of the idea and make it happen. I was also told to think of something that’s close to my heart in order to complete my final project. The answer was clear. Anxiety is something I have been living with for number of years, and although I have gotten used to it, it is an inconvenience to my life and to my friends’ lives.

After careful consideration, enormous amounts of research and wonderful help of beautiful people around me the Anxieteehee Comedy Festival was born.

The Festival’s goal is to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness. It also serves to inform and educate people who have never had anything to do with it. While it may not cure me, it will help others understand more about the condition. Finally, it's always good to have a laugh and if we can all laugh together we may start to get somewhere!

Anxieteehee festival is due to take place between the 27th and 29th November. Details on the website