In order to use your morning time better, it can be good to consider your priorities for that time of day. If for example your fitness is important you might like to organise your morning in line with that, by booking a morning class or making sure your trainers are next to the bed for when you wake up.

If your career is key you might organise your morning with productivity and focus at the top of your agenda. Whatever they may be, you can better organise your morning according to your priorities.

The increased self-awareness that comes with meditation can help you to be more aware of your wants and needs, and to focus on their fulfillment.

Many people find that if they put meditation in first, they travel lighter during the day. If meditation, your spiritual practice or inner peace are at the top of your priorities list then there are also ways to introduce them into your morning.

5 ways to introduce meditation into your morning

1. 10 breaths: The morning is a great to time to meditate as you can capitalise on the ‘fresh from sleep mind’. If you want to start out simply, try taking 10 conscious breaths each morning when you sit up in bed.

2. Remember: While you take your morning coffee leaf through an inspiring book, read a few quotes or poems or perhaps listen to a beautiful piece of music.

This idea isn't so much about boosting your mood - although that’s often what happens. It’s more about getting in touch with something each morning that reminds you of your highest understanding of yourself, and life.

Perhaps there is quote you read somewhere and think, 'yes that’s true, that resonates with me'. Let’s take this one from the writer Guy de Maupassant: “There is only one good thing in life, and that is love.”

Maybe you recognise and understand this quote as true, but during the reality of the day things happen and you might not always act or think in line with this understanding. It can be nice to remind yourself of something you once read and resonated with.

3. Be fit and healthy: Fitness is great for boosting your health and mental clarity; and mental clarity comes in really handy during meditation, and general self-awareness during the day.

4. Be outdoors: If you have the opportunity try to spend a little time outdoors in the morning. That might mean sitting on your front door step, or you may have access to lots more green space. House plants are also beautiful to tend to and mediate with if you don't have access to a garden.

5. Be open: Remain present and open to life as it unfolds, inspiration and wonder can appear in the most unexpected places.

Emma Mills is the author of Inhale. Exhale. Repeat: A Meditation Handbook for Every Part of Your Day