Yes to Life’s new cancer support forum, LIFE>Talk, has been created to enable people to share their knowledge and personal experience of complementary therapies during cancer treatment.

Users can share their views across a number of approaches, from Acupuncture, to Thermal Imaging, to Gerson Therapy, Vitamin C, Ozone Therapy and much more. The aim is to build a community who can contribute to the growing body of knowledge of the benefits of complementary therapies for people with cancer. Practitioners and doctors who are providing the various therapies will also be on hand to answer any queries which arise.

The LIFE>Talk forum is linked to the charity’s existing LIFE>Directory which lists practitioners and clinics offering various therapies around the world. Chairman Robin Daly says, ‘this launch is the fruition of a long-held desire to enable users of the LIFE>Directory to share their experience and understanding of the therapies available. This interactivity will significantly improve the Directory, as a body of information will be built up for each therapy and will be instantly accessible.’

The charity’s chief executive Sue De Cesare explains that The Persula Foundation were key in supporting the funding of LIFE>Talk, ‘their support has been critical and it has enabled us to deliver a high quality information service for people with cancer.’

The upgrade is just one way Yes to Life is marking its 10th birthday and raising awareness about the options that are available for people with cancer. To find out more please visit their website You can access LIFE>Talk by creating your own account here