I’m writing near the end of a fairly frantic day in the office with my assistant Claudine (pictured). I’ve been working on the launch of welldoing.org for many months, and yet just before going live, it suddenly seems like there are a million things I want to add, change, write, delete, describe.

And, because it’s a website, I can. Tomorrow’s another day, with a fresh screen, more ideas, users’ suggestions, the day’s news. Having worked for a long time on magazines and newspapers, I’m used to the definitive finished product. People paid to see what the editorial team created – a treasurebox of words, pictures, opinions, advice. But you only had one chance to get it right before the presses whirred into action. Being able to communicate on a daily basis really appeals to me. 

I want welldoing.org to be alive with content and comment. At first it might be a little slow, but eventually there will be a mass of information and opinion about all the areas that really matter in life: how we relate to each other, ways to live a healthy life, how well we understand ourselves as individuals, what we really want to get out of our lives. I hope some of you will want to have your say too. 

An important part of the site will be a directory of counsellors and therapists, that users will be able to access via a questionnaire which will point them towards the therapists who are best suited to their needs. It’s exciting, new stuff and I’m really looking forward to getting it up and running. But until then, there’s plenty of content, with new posts and information added every day. Let us know how you find it. Claudine and I have spent a lot of time talking about the launch – now we want you to tell us what’s right, wrong, and what you’d like more of. Click here to send us  your thoughts      

This was the first post on welldoing.org December 4 2013