• Research has shown that using certain fragrances can help you sleep more easily

  • All Neom Organics products are made from natural ingredients

  • Use code Welldoing20 to get 20% off Neom Organics 

Self-care is an essential at this time of year. It’s all too easy for the Christmas period to bring about serious stresses in the life of all sorts of people — including therapists and their clients. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a special present for a loved one?

We have partnered with Harrogate-based Neom Organics to offer, for two weeks, the chance to purchase their highly-regarded products at a 20% discount.

Neom Organics make luxury aromatherapy products for the home and body: candles, sprays, bath oils, body lotions, skincare and perfumes. The company prides itself on using 100% natural fragrances (and avoiding paraffin or mineral wax)  to help with everything from sleep and stress-relieving, to energy-boosting and mood-lifting.

For example, lavender oil is mainly linalyl acetate and linalool, chemicals which are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Studies on mice have shown these compounds have a sedative and pain-relieving effect, lowering the heart rate and reducing anxiety. It’s one of many natural ingredients in both the Scent to Sleep range and the Scent to De-Stress ranges from Neom Organics.

Founder Nicola Elliott is proud of the difference her products have made to its customers, like this woman, who wrote: “I have a thyroid condition and I am constantly tired and lack energy. I purchased your bath drops for energy, and I’ve now used them four times and genuinely the morning after I truly feel energetic, it’s amazing. I’m doing nothing differently, except using these drops at night! So, thank you, thank you for delivering what you promise.”

We would love welldoing.org members and visitors to the site to have the opportunity of trying Neom Organics' beautiful and therapeutic products at a 20% discount. Simply use this link to go to Neom Organics and when you have chosen your products, use the code Welldoing20. This offer ends on December 14 2018. 

And let us know how you find it, unless you’re simply too relaxed!