Carmen Marin is a therapist in Prescot

What attracted you to become a therapist?

I've always loved speaking with people and helping them out. Funnily enough when I went for my degree, I thought that you could ‘hypnotise’ somebody just with a pendulum. Soon I realised that there's a whole world of technique in hypnosis, and really that it is trust and the relationship between therapist and client that are the main keys to helping somebody. 

Where did you train?

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in psychology back in my country (Romania) and I did my Master’s degree here in the UK.

Can you tell us about the type of therapy you practise? 

I work an integrative way because I believe that each client is different and each of them will benefit from the use of specific tools from different therapies.

What sort of people do you usually see? 

I see in general young adults, but I see older adults too. Many of them come through EAP and carry on after in private. I work with families and couples also. I love working with children, too. The most common difficulties I have worked with are trauma, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia and bereavement.

What do you like about being a therapist?

I love to listen to people and to know them in a way that maybe lots of people around them don't. It is amazing how the relationship grows with each session we complete, and I am very proud when my clients make progress.

What is less pleasant?

Especially in private practice, I hate the time spent on ‘marketing’ and putting yourself out there as a business.

How long you’ve been with and what you think of us? 

I have been with for three months. I like the site and how my profile looks and I intend to join the Facebook page.

Do you ever suggest books or apps to clients?

If I feel they will benefit I do so because I think it is encouraging them to take the lead in their recovery.

What you do for your own mental health?

I spend as much time as possible with my family and also, plan my days so that I am out and about.

You are a therapist in Merseyside, Prescot. What can you tell us about seeing clients in this area?

My clients love to come to see me because it is very accessible in terms of both public transport and driving.

What’s your consultation room like?

My special room is professional but very warm, with lots of personal touches.

What do you wish people knew about therapy?

That they don’t need to have a huge problem to access it. It is more a space for healing, relaxation and self-discovery.

What did you learn about yourself in therapy?

That I am empathetic, that it is alright to be the way I am and if I trust myself enough I can help the client to discover new ways of self-love and self-growth.