Your phone rings. The voice on the other end thanks you for your application for the sales manager vacancy and says he wants to interview you.  You can't believe it. You really want this job but know you're not the only one.  Your mind  races. Your heart pounds. All you can think about is your last interview - it was a disaster.  You need help!  You decide to ask your friend, Nanette for her interview tips and here they are:

1. Know your stuff - get off to a good start by impressing your interviewer. Talk knowledgeably and positively about his or her business.  Go online and check out everything you can, e.g.: the company vision, products/services, clients, financial results, the number of offices & employees.

2. Keep your finger on the pulse -  Bosses like employees who are curious and informed about what's new.  Set up google alerts to keep you up to date with breaking news about the company.

3. Get to know your interviewer - Check out your interviewer's credentials on LinkedIn or Google.  Think through how you can build rapport and confidence during your interview.

4. Know your job - What core skills & experience are needed?  These will be the ones they check out at the interview. Look through everything you've been given.  Note down examples that demonstrate your abilities.

5. Anticipate probing questions - so you have good answers, eg about your strengths, how you like to be managed, your greatest achievements, why you want the job, what you will do during your first 3 months etc. Don't be arrogant or overplay them.

6. Don't ignore the gaps in your cv/toolkit - how can can convert these into opportunities?

7.  Prepare 2-3 quality questions - that show intelligence and interest. Don't ask about salary at the first meeting.

8. Your personal impact can influence the outcome of your interview, so:

  • look and sound alert
  • think about where and how you sit
  • maintain eye contact
  • talk clearly and concisely
  • avoid rambling and ask yourself: why am I talking?

9.  Practicalities for the day:

  • check the company's dress code in advance so you don't look out of place
  • arrive five or ten minutes early to allow time to compose yourself and take in the ambience of your surroundings
  • have a copy of your cv and job application with you
  • switch your mobile off

10.  Keep perspective -  The primary objective of your interview is to appoint the best candidate for the job and not to catch you out.   Do your preparation and simply be the best you can be on the day.

Good luck!