I’m a holistic self-care and wellness coach who is on a mission to help empaths and super busy women realise how important it is to care for themselves. And that by doing so you can actually flourish and achieve more in a way that feels wonderful, instead of feeling drained and burned out.

Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential!

We live in a world where you’re expected to be on all the time and that’s just not how we’re built (especially as women, with our monthly cycle). Taking time out to nourish and nurture yourself is a huge part of the human experience and without it we’re left feeling depleted.

I had a previous life doing loads (and I mean loads) of different jobs simultaneously – in PR, events, business development, marketing, helping with a supper club, plus working as a PA and a VA. I found myself running around all over the place to keep up with everything whilst barely making enough money to make ends meet, no time to see friends and family or feeling too tired when I did. I felt totally uninspired by life. I was turning to alcohol to chill out after work and as a result my relationship with myself and my health suffered. I had debilitating diarrhoea and was getting through my days by taking medication to stop it, aches in my joints, sleep apnoea, consistent bloating and I struggled with my weight. On top of that I would go through extreme mood swings and really disliked myself most of the time.

It was after reaching my personal rock bottom (as living a work hard/play hard existence can only work for so long) combined with my brother getting life-threatening cancer that I knew this couldn’t go on. I had to change my life.

My motivation at first was because I knew I couldn’t be there for my brother in the best way possible in the state I was in. So I started to incorporate small self-care actions in my life – cutting out the alcohol and following a natural foods diet, I started yoga and that was when things started to change. I started to actually care about myself, little by little, more than I ever had before. My health issues started to improve – my diarrhoea totally cleared up without any medical assistance, my sleep apnoea went and I started to figure out what foods worked for me and which ones didn’t. I also found myself wanting to finally take action to change my life in other areas.

It is a journey and I have gone back and forth since then (I am only human after all), but ultimately the more self-care I give myself the more motivated I am, the more I like (even love) myself and the more I find myself making choices in my best interest more regularly. My dream is for as many people to realise that they can do the same. 

If you would like some more inspiration and tips to help you care for your mind, body and soul every day, I am running a FREE 30-day seasonal self-care challenge, which starts on the 1st September 2017. You can sign up here: http://bit.ly/self-care-autumn.