welldoing.org has built a community where people can find the right therapist for their needs. Now we’ve gone one step further, so that all therapy appointments - whether online or in person - can be booked and paid for online.

There are so many benefits to this system. The world is moving away from cash and cheques are even more old-fashioned. People want to make payments quickly and safely, and they want to know that their booking is secure.

With our system potential clients first contact a therapist and are accepted as a client with a specific fee attached. After that the client can simply request their preferred slot and pay in advance of the session. 

For therapists the advantages are ease and streamlining of administration. No more following up phone calls and emails; all details are securely held in one place. It also makes doing accounts much more straightforward. 

Here's what two of our therapists think:

  • “I’ve tried a few systems like this, but yours is the best; it really suits therapy, and payment is smooth. My clients appreciate that they don't need to set things up with me by phone” says Liz Jeffries, UKCP-registered transactional analysis therapist in Manchester
  • “I use it on a daily basis and it’s taken away so much time-consuming admin. My clients find it really easy to use too” says Francesca Rogers, therapist and BACP member in South London

For clients it's the obvious choice as it gives them agency, and makes them feel certain they have time in your schedule and they are paid up. As one wrote: "Both my therapist and I agree that paying through welldoing.org works well for us.  It takes the pressure off what, at times, can be an emotional experience"

Take a look at how to set it up. It doesn't take long, and the benefits are clear. Log in to your profile and start by enabling Stripe to take money for you. Then fill in your diary and settings for locations, fee and so on.

If you have any problems, do get in touch. We look forward to helping you run your practice even more smoothly.