Allow your mind to fully relax by giving it a regular digital detox, says editor of Caroline Sylger Jones

Technology is fantastic - if used in the right way, and if we stay in control of it - a bit like our minds. To help this process, it’s a darn good idea to switch totally off from it every once in a while - especially as, according to communications regulator Ofcom, adults in the UK spend more time consuming media technology than sleeping - a scary thought. Here’s my pick of retreats where you can digitally switch off.

Reclaim Your Self digital detox weekends, UK

Retreat centre in the English countryside

Reclaim Your Self features digital detox workshops on these relaxing, wifi-free yoga weekends in the English countryside, when you can discuss the best use of social media and nourish your contracting attention spans. Naturally you’re asked to hand over all things digital at the beginning of the retreat, then daily yoga classes, meditation, healthy food and time to enjoy the countryside help keep you offline and see you fully charged by the end.

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Raw Horizons, UK

Raw Horizons retreat centre

All the retreats run by this company in Yorkshire and the South East are based on an ethos of tranquility and nourishment. All bedrooms are kept free from TVs and other electrical gadgets, and guests are encouraged to switch off their emails and mobile phones for the duration of their stay - there’s also the option of handing over your phone entirely so that you’re not tempted to turn it back on. Raw food and effective relaxation techniques feature on a range of retreats to manage stress, confidence levels and all the other issues that life throws at us.

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Platinum Healing, UK

Platinum Healing retreat centre

These effective juice fasting retreats in Sussex and Lincolnshire discourage the use of all electronic equipment including phones and iPads. You’re asked to give your loved ones the retreat manager’s number in case of emergency, which is on 24/7, and to tell them that you are switching off everything on the night of arrival and only switching on again after you leave. Cleansing formulas, daily yoga, meditation, workshops and educational talks will keep you absorbed during the retreat, and taxis or other travel requirements are all arranged for you on check out day, to ensure you don't get sucked in again before leaving.

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Yobaba Lounge, France

Yobaba Lounge retreat in France

On the signature Yobaba Love retreats at this funky, boutique chateau you’re asked to switch off your mobiles, take off your watches and retreat from the stresses of modern life. The retreats use yoga and stillness, meditation and a balancing, gourmet raw diet to deeply relax and regenerate you. There are only five bedrooms, so you’ll be guaranteed lots of attention and oodles of peace.

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Kamalaya, Thailand

Kamalaya retreat in Thailand

All guests at this holistic spa on Koh Samui naturally undergo a digital detox, as they’re encouraged to reconnect to nature and let go of their digital addiction. Use of mobiles, laptops, i-pads and the like isn’t allowed in public areas of tranquility such as the Wellness Sanctuary and The Alchemy Lounge, and you won’t get a TV and DVD player in your room unless you specifically request it. Choose a programme that concentrates on yoga, detoxing, weightloss or fitness, or just come here to be pampered.

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