​I am creative and never really understood just how important knowing that fact could be. I always thought that it was frivolous and meaningless. Sometimes while struggling with my academic studies or contemplating future career paths, I would get angry that I had a creative mind because I felt like it hindered me.

When I got out of university and entered ‘the real world’ I was literally at a loss for what to do. I’ve always carried around with me a feeling of insecurity and self doubt, so have never truly developed the gifts that were given to me. I gave up on being creative and just got a regular nine to five, burrowed myself away in the comfort of my home and watched everyone else create and conquer. This is when the depression and anxiety reached it’s all time high, but I never put two and two together.

I started writing poetry and writing a journal to help me through my depressive episodes, it felt really natural to me. All of a sudden, I realised that writing was like a sort of weekly therapy for me. It was a chance for me to reflect on my emotions and make sense of my fears. This is when I started my blog, as a way for me to document my journey. With every passing article that I poured my heart into or blog that I would write off the cuff, I had a warm sensation of achievement in my belly.

I now write a weekly mental well-being blog for my colleagues in my nine to five and just that small injection of creative writing that I get to do once a week, has given me so much purpose and has uncovered my true potential.

A day now doesn’t go by when I don’t indulge in creativity because it’s gone past being a hobby or a release, it’s a necessity for my mental health. Some weeks I might be feeling the pangs of anxiety or I might be in a bad place mentally. I drag myself out of bed and to my job and when I get home I feel drained and lethargic but if I do something creative for an hour, my mood starts to elevate and I physically feel more alive. I can’t believe that I ever denied myself of that pick me up.

I believe everyone is creative at heart and that comes out when we snap photos for Instagram, cook a meal from scratch or write a beautiful verse in a birthday card. Scheduling in creative downtime is an escape from normality and mundane life routines.

I never want to suppress my true personality or talents again and not just because it’s a waste but because it literally makes me miserable and sends me on a downward spiral. I’m 30 this year and I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of my life underselling my abilities and brushing off the importance of living for who I am. So many of us live our lives doing what is expected of us or because we want to take the stable and easy route, but what if doing that is damaging our health?