There are many ways in which the community works, but one of the most efficient is the diary management system where clients can book and pay for their sessions.

Clients like the convenience and it helps normalise therapy for them. Being able to see when, where and how much a therapy consultation will be is a real benefit. Also, they expect such service in an increasingly cashless world.

Therapists like the reduction in administration, and the benefit of secure payments. Once a client is onboard, payments are taken in advance, and if there is ever a no-show, they will still be paid.

This is what a handful of our members say about the benefits of diary management for them and their practice:

"The diary management system is very smooth. Clients seem very happy to be doing it this way – as one said to me, ‘I like to do it on my phone, I get it all done and dusted while I’m on the go’. As for me, I thought it would be super-complicated but it’s not. It makes getting paid a lot easier, and it’s a relief not to be chasing money all over the place. It really does make my life easier."

Keith Ewing, London SE16 

"Initially, I had some reservations about it, as I felt that payment is an important part of the therapy relationship and needs to be negotiated with the therapist. However, I have recently joined the booking and payment system and I have found that actually, it can be used very constructively in the therapy relationship, and protect the therapist from unpaid cancellations."

Christina Moutsou, London NW6

"I use it regularly. It offers a way for me to provide for clients information about what appointments I have available. They don’t always book using the system but they do check to see what I have available. For those clients who do use the booking system it offers an additional way to book and pay for their sessions (additional to in-session and BACS payments). I find it easy to use and have come to rely on it now as one of the systems I use to manage my practice."

Liz Jeffries, Chorlton

"I get the feeling that it gives clients that extra certainty. They are doing something very new to them, and so it’s reassuring that they can pay online. It  normalises the process and they can pay for their session beforehand so they don’t need to think about that in the first session... Also, buying services and goods online is just what we all do now."

Judith Chamberlain, London EC4

"I have just started using the booking system and the payment system, with no problems. Both are easy to use."

Paula Gosling, Merseyside

"The diary management booking system is great. It's taken away the conversations about money, giving more time and focus on the important issues during the actual session. I've found there's a significant difference when you are not talking about money in the room, which is very freeing."

Paul Garden, London W1

If you're a therapist, click on the introductory booking button on your profile to join the system. If you're a client and would prefer to book this way, let your therapist know.

Photo: Kari Shea