• The AMBT is hosting an introductory workshop to an approach to support people with medically unexplained symptoms (e.g.: IBS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia)

  • Afternoon event May 18 2024

The Association for Biodynamic Massage Therapists is hosting an introductory session on The BodyMind Approach (TBMA) with founder Dr. Helen Payne on Saturday 18th May 2024 at the Clayton Hotel, 27-29 Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2FB, 2-4pm Tickets are £20, non-members welcome. Register with [email protected].

There will be open discussion and opportunities to engage in some experiential learning practices during the workshop.

Speaker biography:

Professor Helen Payne, PhD; Reg. UKCP & ADMP UK holds a Chair in Psychotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire, where she conducts research, supervises clinicians/PhDs, teaches and examines doctorates internationally. UK pioneer, global leader in dance movement psychotherapy, and founder of The BodyMind Approach (TBMA) to support self-management for people experiencing medically unexplained symptoms. 

Helen has a private practice and delivers training in the discipline of authentic movement and TBMA. She is founding editor-in-chief international journal ‘Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy’ Taylor & Francis. Publications include The Routledge International Handbook of Embodied Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Essentials of Dance Movement Psychotherapy: International Perspectives on Theory, Research, and Practice.