A major lesson I learnt along the way of discovering how to deal with depression and anxiety was that people have fixed views about alternative healing methods and therapy (I'm putting aside the schools of thought which are anti-both). When it comes to inner malaise there will always be people with rigid views. 

Therapy is self indulgent.

Therapy feeds depression.

Therapy is negative.

Healing is mumbo jumbo.

Alternative means bogus. 

There's no science to spiritual theories.

One camp often attacks the other, more so from my experience the extremist enlightened spiritual army: 

All you need is the Secret.

All you need is meditation and enlightenment.

All you need is theta/gamma healing.

I've tried out pretty much everything from astrology to iridology, back to past lives and out again with rebirthing, joining my spirit guides, Angels and the whole cosmic gang, chakra, astral and soul healing. I've burnt letters of forgiveness on bonfires, acted out my shadow selves, and danced out my demons. And yes, I've gained something from even the barmiest 'therapies' even if it was just a laugh. A significant lesson is that there are a lot of charlatans out there. Sure, not every therapist is good, but regulation, certifications, professional standards, insurance, sound business practices are a protection. Am I going to risk a charlatan to help me overcome PTSD? No.

I learnt a long time ago to smile and say 'Yes I tried that, it was great' and not go further. I can't be bothered to go through being asked whether I'm resistant, stuck or negative by people who aren't even aware of my inner state and are more interested in imposing theirs. I have the same feeling with certain types of life coaches, and NLP practitioners. You know what, a bit of depression isn't such a bad thing, I want to say. Depressed people at the very least are nice people. 

I prefer sound, regulated practices based on science, medicine, research as the basis for my recovery. Everything else is a bonus. Where the two camps meet is the sweet spot. Where neuroscience, therapy, body work, and a spiritual approach come together, this is where we can heal.