Summer is coming to an end. Here in the UK it has been a long and a hot one, and many of us have unusually happy, sun-filled memories of the last few months. But not all of us. As we turn the page to September, the inboxes and ansaphones of therapists will be filling up with people seeking their help. And the end of summer is often connected with their decision.

Brighton-based therapist Christine Webber discussed this on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour earlier this week. She said, “All therapists know that they will suddenly get an influx of new people at this time of year.”

Webber believes that many people go on holiday thinking ‘I’ll see how we get on’. “And they find that the prolonged time hasn’t made a difference, or maybe it has, but in a bad way. So they decide it’s now or never.”

On the Therapist Community Facebook group the consensus among therapists was pretty clear. Liz Jeffries said she welcomes many new clients in September, and at the other peak period, just after Christmas. “I find at the peak periods that people tend to be willing to explore real change so they are on the more serious end of the spectrum.”

Jules Fothergill agreed: “I definitely find they are serious and ready to work when they come and they also have done their homework.”

Marriages and relationships are often under a great deal of day-to-day pressure when couples or families are all trying to work, or parent, sometimes in difficult situations. Holidays can be anticipated with high expectations by some; or dreaded by others. Days without deadlines or schedules seem as if they would offer great opportunities for couples to connect. But if they clash instead, or find they do not even connect, the lack of structure may make it seem worse. Some may even think "If we can't be happy when we're on holiday, we'll never be happy again."

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