We all occasionally complain about technology — an email that won’t go through, an Amazon package that is running late. But, let’s be honest, digital technology has revolutionised the way we live our lives, giving us more time to ourselves, and far greater autonomy in our working lives.

Therapy is a human-led experience, but technology has its place there too. Therapists now have their own websites and potential clients find practitioners by using platforms like welldoing.org. It’s much quicker and more convenient than the old Yellow Pages, and more private than asking your friends.

But, we at welldoing.org, believe technology can do much more to improve the client-therapist connection. For this reason we have developed a booking and payment system.

Francesca Rogers, an integrative therapist in South-East London, has been using it since the last months of 2016 and recommends the system wholeheartedly:

"Being part of the beta-testing for welldoing.org's booking and payment system has been so beneficial for my practice. It’s now become a natural part of the admin process when setting up appointments and payments with potential clients. 

For me, the admin side has always been hugely time consuming; whether I'm walking to the bank to pay in cash, managing my diary or just returning calls to book in appointments. Welldoing has taken away all that admin! 

Welldoing.org gives the client the freedom to book in for themselves and also ensures that the 48-hour cancellation policy is adhered to, which I sometimes found difficult managing in the working relationship. I would recommend all fellow counsellors and therapists to join.”

What will it do for you as a therapist? 

No more worries about cash: the world is moving away from cash anyway, and over 50% of transactions are now made digitally

No more need to take payments at the beginning or end of each session, allowing you to focus on therapy

No more missed payments for no-shows or late cancellations

No more time-wasting administration (or, at least, vastly reduced) with monthly statements sent directly to you or your accountant

No more missing out on clients because you can’t make any bookings until the end of the working day

Once clients have been approved by a therapist, they can view your therapist diary and make bookings. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy. For all bookings secured through the system, www.welldoing.org retains a £2.50 transaction fee. There is also the option for therapists to run their diary from the profile, without taking any money through the site.

To join, click the New Booking and Payment System box on the back of your profile . Simply set up the diary, showing your available time slots, and then direct selected clients to the booking portal. There are brief video tutorials if you run into problems — but it’s simple and shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to set up.

We look forward to hearing how you find it. Let us know via [email protected]