As the seasons change and we move into longer nights and colder temperatures in the northern hemisphere, it’s natural to want to hibernate and retreat into your own world away from the cold. Whilst this has its benefits and is what our bodies crave and need in the autumn and winter, it’s also so important to make time to nurture, nourish and connect with yourself and others.

The added lack of sunlight contributes to feeling lower and less motivated, so getting yourself out to do some exercise or picking the healthy food options when all you want is something comforting and stodgy, can be even more of a challenge.

I grew up in the southern hemisphere on the equator so was used to year round sun and warmth for the most part. Moving to London, and adjusting to the cold and darkness was a massive shock for me. It took me over 10 years to really get in tune with the changing seasons and to care for myself in the best possible way.

I have found that it’s the smallest things that you do each day, which have the biggest effect overall. Also changing these things with the seasons and tuning in to how they make you feel, so you can adjust them to what works best for what you need right then.

The 30 days of self-care starts on 1 November 2016 and includes a daily tip, action or inspiration to your inbox. Whilst some of the actions are applicable at all times of the year, also included are some specifically focused on nurturing and caring for yourself during the winter months.

Each daily email will encourage you to spend just a few minutes a day doing something positive for yourself (or others) that will help you feel good and which can help to elevate your mood so you feel more balanced overall.

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