The scale and pace of change in the world right now affects us all. Whether at the level of family and friends, community, or work, who and how you are in the world matters.

It matters, because:

  • You are not a closed circuit: what you do affects how others feel; the ripples of your behaviour reach far beyond your known world
  • Relationships are circular: how you are with others affects how they behave with you, and that directly affects your experience of the world
  • Understanding who and how you are in this ‘environment of minds’ is key to unlocking persistent obstacles and discovering hidden opportunities - both for you and for others
  • Working on who and how you are in the world requires going deep. Emerging with a focussed plan for better living requires investing time in a well-structured space, with skilful facilitation.

Whole Environment Individual Programme - fast-tracked personal development in a remote French mountain retreat 

The 4-day Whole Environment Individual Programme is designed for people who are looking for an in-depth, immersive personal-development opportunity, to gain a clearer perspective on who they really are, how they operate in the world, and their life’s meaning and purpose.

Taking place in a 17th-century French mountain village surrounded by wilderness, this intensive programme fuses group discussion, creative techniques and outdoor activities into a powerful process for positive change.

‘It would have taken years of therapy to gain so much in such a short time. This was an extraordinary space for change.’ Sarah Praill, book designer & programme participant

What can you expect from the programme? 

While the Whole Environment Individual Programme may be emotionally, and sometimes physically challenging, it will be an adventure that will provide you with a unique learning opportunity. You can expect to leave the programme with:

  • Greater insight into who you are and how you function in the world
  • Deeper awareness of the forces that drive your interactions with others
  • Clarity on personal and professional challenges, how to overcome obstacles and unlock opportunities
  • A plan for better living in the world, so you can maximise your contribution to it

These outcomes have the potential to be long-lasting. Two years after the October 2019 Whole Environment Individual Programme in Bardou, this is what participants had to say:

‘I look back on the programme with great affection, hope and gratitude. It was a very powerful experience that gave me a new sense of confidence, and stronger sense of self. The transformation has been lasting.’ (Sarah, artist)

‘The programme was emotional, intense and bonding – it achieved much more than expected. Two years on, I feel less volatile, more stable in my decision making, and more settled in knowing myself.’ (John, company director) 

‘The programme was profound, invigorating and unforgettable. It was a defining moment in my life.’ (Silvia, psychotherapist)

‘It was an incredibly challenging, profound, life-affirming experience. It opened up ambitions, desires and talents that I wasn’t aware I was harbouring. It reframed how I approach my personal and professional life.’ (Chris, strategy director)

If you would like a dedicated space to work on your identity, meaning and purpose, the next Whole Environment Individual Programme takes place in May 2022, for a maximum of 10 participants.

Arrive Bardou: 14.30 Sunday 1st May 

Depart Bardou: 12.00 Thursday 5th May 

Early bird booking rates from £1,800 (booked by 22 January 2022). Places may be self-funded, or funded by a personal development budget, if you work for an organisation.

For more information visit

If you would like to discuss participating in the May 2022 Individual Programme, please email Mind Environment Programme Director, Dr Tom Cotton [email protected].

Mind Environment is a personal and professional development consultancy that also designs and runs leadership retreats in France and Scotland, development programmes for teams, and bespoke consultancy for organisations.