Sigh. It’s V-day. Commercialised love is all around.

No, maybe that’s not entirely fair; why shouldn’t couples have a day to show some appreciation?

But for people who don’t fit the cookie-cutter template it can be frustratingly difficult to avoid Valentine's day. Many people feel increasing pressure and self-criticism for not being partnered up on February 14th. 

Here’s some alternative activities to chocolate-swapping and floral tributes, to help you on your way to becoming your own heartthrob. And as this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday - you won’t even have to see anyone gushing, blushing and/or swooning at your workplace or school.

Here's 10 ways to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day:

1) Do something productive as soon as you wake up

Whether that’s working out, meditating or making a damn delicious breakfast. Smashed avocado and feta on toast, anyone?

2) Get dressed up

Or dressed down, whichever makes you feel best today.

3) Make music your friend

It can keep you company on today’s adventures. If you are highly sensitive to music, veer away from anything down tempo and let music uplift you. I don’t know what kind of music you guys like but maybe try a little of T-rex, Nina Simone, No Doubt, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Primal Scream or perhaps some Flaming Lips, Aretha, Sharon Jones,  Bob or Fat Freddy's.

And if all that fails, try a bit of this.

4) Tidy a space in your home

A good one to do whilst listening to your new playlist. Personally, I like to geek out over my bookshelf and indulge in a bit of dewey-decimal satisfaction, but maybe you get a kick out of sorting out your wardrobe, filing your finances or arranging your shoes.

5) Go on a treasure hunt

Your treasure, your rules. What makes your day? A book, new trainers, a vintage dress, a new frying pan, a new favourite cafe, a new favourite wine? Go forth and gather!

6) Reach out

Talk to a stranger on the train, in the street, in your new favourite bar that you just stumbled across. If that’s too far, a smile and a little eye contact will do. You’ll find yourself wanting to wish them a good day once you get a smile in return, which you will.

7) Reach in

Practice self-compassion. If a negative thought or feeling threatens to bring you down, take a look at it, try and work out why and from where it’s coming. It can’t help that it exists, it can’t necessarily help that it arrives inelegantly like a bull in a china shop. Take a minute, don’t judge, forgive yourself, move on.

8) Appreciate those you have in your life

And don’t worry about the societal pressures to find that ONE person who is supposedly missing. Contact someone you’ve been meaning to for days, weeks, months, and just haven’t got around to. Consider writing them a letter instead of sending a text. Call your Grandmother!

9) Compliment someone (sincerely)

And bask in the compliments that will come flooding back. Though, the return of compliments is of secondary importance - you’ll feel really good about yourself for saying something nice about someone else as it is.

10) Embrace something new

Book in that new class for next week. Pick up the ukulele, learn how to swing dance, start kickboxing - whatever it is you’ve been wanting to try your hand at.

Enjoy your day, whatever you end up doing and take pride in putting yourself first. You’re great, and after a whole day taking on the world in your own company you’ll likely be one step closer to knowing it yourself.