London therapist Zoë Aston created an Instagram account to share the information she had gained from years of her own therapy. "I felt that others should know what I had learned through therapy, and I wanted to make it available to people." 

Nearly 20,000 follow her account @yourmentalhalthworkout, and now Yellow Kite has published an e-book focused on helping people cope with their mental health in the Covid-19 situation. This will be followed next year by a full-size book to help people deal with a range of mental health issues, to be called Your Mental Health Workout.

In this video, she talks to founder Louise Chunn about:

  • what people can do to handle their anxiety during this difficult period
  • how she keeps herself in good mental health
  • her initial resistance to providing online therapy
  • how she now believes that online and in person therapy are different but equal – "there are benefits to both"
  • ways to improve self-esteem without thinking you must be better than others

Buy Zoe's e-book here: