Channel 5 news reader Sian Williams is a BCP-qualified psychological therapist completing her PhD in psychology to become fully qualified as a counselling psychologist. She has been doing clinical work for several years now, and feels strongly drawn to working within the NHS, as so many members of her family do. "Although I wanted to be a journalist like my father, I also wanted to reflect my mother's caring attitude; like my grandmother, she was a nurse.

"I believe it's a huge responsibility to sit in front of someone when they're asking for help. I'm now working in the Psychology Department of a big London teaching hospital and counselling patients there, but in my training I have been seeing clients for the past two years."

In this 15-minute video, she talks to founder Louise Chunn about:

  • how having cancer four years ago taught her the value of psychological help for patients
  • how self-compassion helps in dealing with emotional side of cancer and any trauma
  • how mental health could be featured more in broadcasting
  • acknowledging mental health effects of Covid, but also sees resilience and growth in people following traumatic events

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