Jo Spooner is a therapist in KT6, Surrey

What attracted you to become a therapist?

Before re-training as a counsellor, I worked in theatre as a stage manager. I have always enjoyed working with people from all walks of life and a career in theatre gave me great grounding for my work as a therapist. I have always enjoyed listening to and supporting people so with this in mind and a life-long interest in psychology and what makes people tick, I decided to enrol in an introductory course to counselling and the rest is history.

Where did you train?

I trained in Integrative-Relational Counselling at Kingston College which is affiliated with Middlesex University.

Can you tell us about the type of therapy you practise?

I practice an integrative approach which combines theories from a psychoanalytical stance to a humanistic approach. However, I believe the most important thing to effective and meaningful therapy is the relationship between the counsellor and client, regardless of theoretical orientation.

What type of people do you usually see?

I work with people from the age of 12 to 100 on an individual basis with many emotional issues such as anxiety, life choices and physical health issues. Through my work with adolescents, I am experiencing teenagers presenting with social withdrawal, being bullied, particularly through social media, and the pressures they often face at school. 

I have a particular interest in working with teens and sadly the need for therapy for children and young people is on the rise.

What do you like about being a therapist?

Seeing my clients learn things about themselves and finding ways that will help them move forward into a more fulfilling place in their lives.

What is less pleasant?

Seeing a human being in pain.

How long have you been on

I have been on for a few months. I particularly like the Meet the Therapist page!

Do I suggest apps or books?

I often suggest the Calm app and Youtube for relaxing music or calming ambience.

Often a client will come with a busy mind so in order not to add to it, I do not recommend any reading unless they are in the right headspace, as it were.

What do I do for my own mental health?

Being in the outdoors helps clear my mind. I enjoy running which I find is always a good way to empty the brain.

You are a therapist in Surrey - what can you tell us about working with clients in this area?

I work from a consulting room in a leafy suburb of Surrey and I would say that many of my clients are representative of much of our Western world; overworked and often looking for meaning.

What is your consultation room like?

I work from a lovely comfortable room at the top of an old Victorian house. It is quiet and has a calm feel to it.

What do you wish people knew about therapy?

That it isn’t something to be ashamed of and that everyone can benefit from it.

What did you learn about yourself in therapy?

That life is forever evolving and we all as human beings have the potential to make change.

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