Sartu Sabrina: Integrative Counsellor, Hackney, E8
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Sartu Sabrina

Integrative counsellor
Online , Hackney E8
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About Me

Hello, I’m Sartu-Sabrina. I am a relationship and trauma counsellor. 

Life may feel like a ‘hot mess’ at the moment, you may have tried google, read self help books, listened to mental podcasts or watched videos. Perhaps, your friends are sending you motivational quotes or videos & you realise nothing is helping. This may feel ‘alien’ to you, perhaps you’re the person that people call ‘strong’ or ‘organised’, no one can comprehend that you may be strugglingA part of you may want to shout, “I’m not struggling!” I’m just tired. Is there are part of that craves space, just so the thoughts running through your mind will calm-down? 
Do you find that people keep asking you for things and your constantly juggling your schedule, finances, family time or social life. Your trying hard to push through this, you keep telling yourself it will be the weekend soon and then I’ll rest, but you don’t find time to rest. But during the weekend, you can’t get any rest because something comes up. Something needs to change …

If any part of what I have written resonates with you, then I think you be at capacity – you are full. 

When a person is full, you may experience low mood or depressive episodes and anxious feelings. There maybe a reluctance to engage with others or you may try to make yourself feel better by drinking, taking substances, alternative diets, eating more sweet or fatty foods, exercise or shopping. Each of these activities give you a temporary dopamine hit, but after a while you will find that it’s less effective. 



It’s hard when your normal coping mechanisms aren’t working and perhaps it’s even harder for you to admit that you need help.

I understand this, which is why working with me is an investment into your physical & mental well-being. Even computers need to be recharged and updated, humans are no different.


Yes, therapy is about you, it is your time to be listened to and heard. But you will not be speaking to a ‘blank screen’, there will be a humane dialogue between us. Therapy isn’t depressing, there will be times when you are sad, angry, tearful or laughing. You will feel my compassion, as and know that I am here to support you – both of you. My clients say that I am genuine, straightforward, kind and challenging when I need to be. I am curious about what makes you – you!. 





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Haizum Counselling & Psychotherapy
Mare Street
E8 4SA


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Childhood difficulties
Couple relationships
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Cultural issues
Relationship OCD

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups




Online: £70

In Person: £75


60 mins : £100

90 mins : £130

I offer weekly or fortnightly sessions 




Training and qualifications

Psychotherapy & Counselling Adv Diploma 



Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy