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Perhaps you wake up feeling that even though you are trying your best you feel bad. That whatever efforts you are putting to live a positive life are not working and this leaves you feeling confused.
Perhaps you don't know why you feel so anxious, stressed, negative, angry, ashamed or in a frequent low mood.
Maybe you are tired of putting effort in improving things and you feel at odds with yourself, reacting to events in a way that is far from your best version. Perhaps you no loner feel happy and at ease with your self, your relationships and the activities you focus on.
We all go through phases were our emotions and thoughts seem to work against us, to pull us in a downward spiral.
I know I have experienced that many times, and this has forced me to reach out to others.Doing so is not an act of weakness, but an act of maturity, it means we admit sometimes life is hard and that sometimes we face situations for which we don't feel enough. This is normal part of growth and necessary for psychological development. An opportunity to improve the connection we ourselves which will move us certainly to better times and opportunities. 
Counselling is designed to facilitate this process, to make it easier and more rewarding for you. We can all find a way to cope in isolation, but we are not build to thrive in isolation. My aim is to accompany you in the process of learning and transcending your current issues. I have worked helping individuals like you for more than 3 years and I truly love this process of helping people move from pain to a renewed sense of wellbeing. Just like other therapist have helped me do before. 
I invite you to get in touch with me, and to start your journey to a positive mental health that will surely affect all areas of your life.



Training and qualifications

Bsc in Psychology (University de Barcelona,Spain 2004)

MA in psychology (PACE University, USA 2006)

Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (City of Bristol College, UK 2016)


£40 per session online 

£20 email

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