Michele Poulton: EFT Therapist, Guildford, GU1
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Michele Poulton

EFT therapist
Guildford GU1
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About Me

It is said that we teach best the things we have found the hardest to learn! Well, despite thinking things through carefully and making considered choices in my 20's, 30's and 40's, I see now that I just didn't understand myself, or how to relate in a healthy way. I made BIG mistakes - and those mistakes impacted myself and the people I cared about. 

If I could start all over again, I really would ...but mistakes are there to teach us, so I have been on a learning journey for decades; starting from a place where I felt confused, resentful and misunderstood, to learning how to understand myself and relate to others in a healthy way. I have worked to heal past trauma, changing my beliefs, and finding true peace and inner calm. It has been a lifelong search (and I am always still learning). I now view life in a completely different way, and have benefitted from the wisdom and teachings of so many different great experts in their fields.

I am a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath – that means I pick up on things that others might miss, that I am a really good listener and I have strong compassion. Nothing shocks me (my life has been unconventional in so many ways) and I certainly won't judge you for anything you share with me.  

Having been through so much, and learnt all this the hard way, I would love to save you some time and prolonged pain, by helping you through the tough times, guiding you to heal, and empowering you to approach life with a new set of glasses on so you can be the best person you can be (and trust me, that benefits everyone around you too).

If you have ever been in relationship (with a parent, a partner, a friend. a child - which is everyone by the way!), if you want to learn how to communicate better in any relationship, or you are experiencing the loss of a relationship, or maybe you are searching for a new relationship, please reach out.  I learnt this the hard way - and I am sure I can help you.

I believe we all have trauma. Unresolved trauma leads to symptoms such as stress, anxiety, physical illness, and misery.

We all have beliefs, that hold us back in at least one area of life.

And we all learnt ways of communicating in childhood, that we don't question, but that are really unhelpful in adulthood.

In an ideal world therapy should be compulsory for everyone - we would all be much better people, relating to each other in healthier ways.

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First Practice
16 Pewley Way


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Attachment disorder
Childhood difficulties
Couple relationships
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Interpersonal relationships
Men's issues
Social anxiety
Social communication

Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups



1 hour session £65  (Block of 4 £250)

90 minute session £95 (Block of 4 £350)

Discounted rates for anyone under 23 yrs 

Training and qualifications

Holistic Healing College - Holistic & Spiritual Counsellor

Emotional Freedom Technique -Level 3

Life Coach (ILM Level 3)

Functional Kinesiology (Foundation)


Anusara Yoga Teacher

Sara Davison Divorce Coach

Verified professional membership

EFT International