Louise Styles: Integrative Psychologist, Crediton, EX17
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Dr Louise Styles

Integrative psychologist
Online , Crediton EX17
Has availability

About Me

Brief Summary

Chartered Psychologist with 25 years training and experience, specialising in gender, sex and relationship diversity (GSRD). If you are struggling with:

your sexuality or gender identity

relationship difficulties such as infidelity, sexual problems and mismatched libido

polyamory and ethical non-monogamy

kink and BDSM

communication skills and self-advocacy

feelings of guilt, shame, disgust, jealousy, self-doubt, feeling stuck or confused 

negative, distressing past experiences or trauma



low self-esteem

eating disorders


I'm a great fit. Your counselling journey will be supportive, non-judgemental and tailored to your personal needs.


Detailed Introduction

Congratulations on taking the first step in overcoming what is holding you back from living a fulfilling, interesting and satisfying life! I hope that I can be a helpful guide as you embark upon this journey. 

I am a Chartered Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society, and have completed over 25 years of training and experience and can help with all aspects of your therapeutic journey. My experience includes helping patients in acute psychiatric wards, as well as hundreds of private clients wishing to grow and change and live a better life.

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you struggling with negative self-image, a critical inner voice and self-sabotaging behaviours?

Do you feel like your relationships suffer because of communication problems, repeated negative behaviour patterns, power struggles, historical family dynamics, a lack of experience or sexual difficulties?

Do you feel unsure of who you are, or what you want in life?

Are you stuck in cycles of shame, guilt, self-doubt, jealousy or loneliness?

Do you find it hard to communicate your needs or boundaries to yourself or others?

Are you losing yourself in an eating disorder or relying upon self-harm or substances to silence your inner critic, feel anything but numb, or settle turbulent thoughts?

Are there things in your personal history that you feel so hurt by that you feel you can never get past them?

How I can help:

The Inner Critic

If you find yourself stuck in cycles of self-doubt, feeling unworthy, a failure, unable to see a future where you are free from low mood, anxiety and debilitating struggle, I can help you develop a toolkit of helpful skills to fight negative self-image and self-criticism. 

Together we will unpick what is unhelpful to you and look at alternative viewpoints,‘unstick’ repetitive negative thoughts, reframe problematic concepts and help you to let go of negativity and bias. 

Interpersonal Relationships

I specialise in interpersonal relationships, including family, romantic/platonic/work relationships and the power dynamics within, examining patterns of behaviour and communication and helping you figure out how to balance your needs with social expectations and pressures.

LGBTQ+, Relationship Diversity and Intimate Skills

Within this speciality, I also focus on LGBTQ+ issues, sexual difficulties, BDSM and alternative relationship styles such as polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, and I can offer in-person or virtual counselling for individuals and significant others in all aspects of your sexual and romantic relationships.

Neurodiversity and Social Anxiety

I am confident and experienced in working with neurodiverse and socially anxious people. Social interactions can feel like a minefield of confusing mixed signals and misunderstandings, so if you struggle with interpersonal communication, we can practice social interaction, discuss intentions and non-verbal cues, consent and relationship advice such as flirting techniques and love languages. I can also help improve your confidence in the workplace.

Eating Disorders, Self-Harm and Addictions

I have a lot of experience working with people suffering from eating disorders, self-harm and addictions, having worked as a mental healthcare professional for eight years on both private and NHS acute in-patient eating disorder wards and emergency admissions. Together, we can work out what got you to this point, how to put in place healthy alternative strategies, and finally how to let go of the eating disorder in a safe, controlled way.

As Reassurance for You

Please remember that I am utterly unshockable and will not judge you, whatever you choose to tell me.

We will work at your pace, and I can use a variety of psychological and therapeutic techniques to find solutions to your current struggles by examining your life history and inner narrative.

I am bound by ICO’s GDPR data regulation and as such I will maintain your data privacy - unless there is a severe threat to your own or someone else’s life, everything you tell me will be held in the strictest confidence.

I have an enhanced DBS check certificate and full public liability counsellors insurance, you are welcome to view these and all of my professional certifications upon request.

I look forward to having a chat with you and figuring out the next step together, please feel free to contact me and ask me anything you like.

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First Practice
More Info
Crediton Complementary Health Centre
100 High Street
EX17 3LF


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Couple relationships
Eating disorders
Interpersonal relationships
Relationship diversity
Sexual problems
Sexuality and LGBTQ
Social anxiety

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email

Client groups



I am based in Crediton, Devon and have a cosy meeting room within an established practice - The Crediton Complementary Health Centre EX17 3LF. Online available as standard, can also do a mixture of different session types.

£80 counselling session (60 mins) - in-person/online/phone. I offer packages of 6 sessions for £432 (10% discount).

£120 couples/alternative grouping session (90 mins) - in-person/online/phone.


Training and qualifications

Chartered Psychologist status registered with the British Psychological Society (CPsychol.)

PhD in Psychology from The University of Exeter, focusing upon overcoming negative cognitive biases and reframing narratives.

MSc in Animal Behaviour from the University of Exeter, helpful for understanding the biological and evolutionary drives and motivations for behaviour, and how things can go wrong from a physical, sociological, psychological and environmental perspective.

BSc in Applied Psychology, focused upon the cultural and historical treatment of mental illness in women and marginalised groups in society, eating disorders, LGBTQ+ issues, and how to improve psychological treatments for all.

Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Counselling specialising in integrative therapy, specialising in designing bespoke care for each individual seeking therapy, using a unique combination of techniques to work with at your pace.

NHS mental health professional working in acute in-patient facilities and emergency admissions, caring for patients with severe mental health difficulties including eating disorders, self-harm episodes, mood and personality disorders, anxiety and depression.

Private psychologist and counsellor, specialising in Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD), including LGBTQ+ issues, dating and relationship issues, kink and BDSM, alternative relationship styles including polyamory, as well as anxiety, autism, neurodiversity, addictions, eating disorders, self-harm, difficult childhoods, attachment difficulties, trauma, PTSD, depression and much more.

For more information, articles and downloadable tools, please take a look at my website, clearmindcounselling.uk

Verified professional membership

British Psychological Society (Chartered Members)

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