Helen Jack: Integrative Counsellor, Beckenham, BR3 Beckenham, BR3
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Helen Jack

Integrative counsellor
Beckenham BR3 , Beckenham BR3
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About Me

Hello, I'm Helen (she/her). I'm an Integrative Counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

If you're reading this, then I'm guessing you're giving some thought to working with a counsellor, perhaps for the first time.  I believe that talking about your thoughts and feelings with someone who is trained to listen and respond to them with empathy, genuineness and without judgement can be life changing. It won’t "fix" you or change the past, but it may help you to move forward with greater self-awareness, acceptance and compassion.


My Approach

I believe that we all experience suffering and come up against challenges throughout our lives. No one escapes the complex journey of what it is to be human. Along the way, many of us internalise the belief that our thoughts and feelings are "wrong" and that our vulnerable selves are "bad". Often, these internalised beliefs come from our earliest relationships and the social and cultural norms of our environment.

The result can be feelings of anxiety and depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, illness, work problems, issues of identity and addiction (to name a few). To repeatedly feel this way can leave us with a sense of disconnection from ourselves and others and we can struggle to live life in a way that feels manageable, meaningful and authentic.

My theoretical approach is integrative and relational. This means that I draw on a range of therapeutic approaches to find what is most helpful for each client. It also means I am particularly interested in how a client relates to themselves and to others, including how we experience each other. By exploring this together in a safe and confidential environment, I hope we will be able to play with new ways of being which support the possibility for change and growth.

Whilst my work as a counsellor draws on the two main therapeutic traditions - psychodynamic and humanistic - I am also interested in how clients make sense of themselves through their bodies. This may be through the exploration of sensations, emotions and movement in order for us to get closer to a sense of what it is to be you.

In my work, I also acknowledge the harm that societal oppression and discrimination can have on a person's wellbeing, whether that be race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and other intersections.


Outdoor Therapy

Many of us find spending time in nature a restorative and soulful experience. The colours, sounds, smells and sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves can create a sense of aliveness, peace and presence that often feels absent in our busy, urban lives. 

Research into the positive effects of nature on our minds and bodies is ever-growing. We now know that spending time in green spaces is linked to a host of health benefits: lower cortisol levels, lower heart rate, greater feelings of connectedness, improved mood, better physical health and increased emotional engagement (Collier, 2018). It’s for these reasons (plus many more) that some clients are drawn towards working with a counsellor outdoors. 

Walk and Talk 

Walk and Talk therapy is one way we could work together. An alternative to traditional talk therapy, walking side by side with a counsellor rather than sitting face to face can enable some clients to feel more comfortable when sharing in the therapy process. It can help increase feelings of relaxation, decrease rumination, release physical tension, help us breathe deep and connect us with our bodies while processing experiences in a different way.

Slow and Meditative

Depending on you and your needs, we may also decide to sit and talk - or be silent, if that feels helpful - and find a sense of space and stillness to allow for whatever you might need to bring.


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First Practice
Birkbeck Road
Greater London

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Second Practice
Queens Road
Greater London

Issues often worked with

Burnout/Work-Related Stress
Childhood difficulties
Family issues
Finding meaning
Sexuality and LGBTQ
Social anxiety
Interpersonal relationships

Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups



Standard rate for in-person (including outdoor therapy) and online sessions (including initial session/assessment): £65.

I offer a limited number of concessionary rates for those on a lower income. Please ask for further details.

Training and qualifications

I have a Diploma in Integrative Counselling from The Minster Centre, one of the UK's leading training institutions for counsellors and psychotherapists. I am currently undertaking advanced clinical training with The Minster Centre and Middlesex University, working towards an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling.

I have experience of working as a counsellor in low-cost community counselling services where I worked with a wide range of clients with different backgrounds and presenting issues. I continue to attend training as part of my ongoing professional development and have regular supervision which ensures my work is overseen and remains ethical.

Prior to becoming a counsellor, I worked for many years in the independent film sector. I still hold a deep love of arts and culture and have an interest in working with those who work in the creative industries.

Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy