Farah Nadeem: Integrative Psychologist, London, SE1
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Dr Farah Nadeem

Integrative psychologist
Online , London SE1
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About Me

As an integrative counselling psychologist, I work in a holistic manner that takes into account clients’/patients’ whole perspective of who they are. This takes into consideration the many different facets we all exhibit as human beings. In addition, this approach includes your environmental, social and individualist perspectives. The most important aspect of my way of working is that it is about YOU;  you are the centre of the work, and your subjective thoughts, feelings and emotions lead the work you do with me.  I aim to provide you with a non-judgmental and empathic way of being with you.

I am a positive psychologist and will always want you to grow, develop and be the best you possibly can be in your journey of life. This is your path, your journey, and when you’re in therapy with me, my purpose is to be by your side. I am an optimist, and always want my patients/clients to DREAM BIG.

My training consists of three specific forms of therapy.  Firstly, the humanistic approach, which for me is represented in essence by Carl Rogers (1957) and his person-centred approach; along with Gestalt therapy. Secondly, the psychodynamic approach, which looks at how your past may affect your present way of relating.  If this is chosen as a primary method, I usually only do a 16-week programme that I have learned to deliver within the NHS, namely dynamic interpersonal therapy; it uses some of the basic principles of psychodynamic theory. Lastly, I am trained in cognitive behavioural therapy; I often incorporate this technique in my therapeutic work when the client is aiming to make a behavioural change. We initially tackle your core beliefs, and how they might relate to some negative automatic thoughts; then we create achievable goals that can make a change in your life in the short term as well as the long term. I often reflect this as baby steps to where you would like to be. I often use a third wave of CBT known as acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) and compassion-focused therapy (CFT).

Predominantly, I am very humanistic in my approach; I welcome you with an open smile and open dialogue. I will devise a treatment plan at the start of your therapy, whether it be integrative, or using one form of therapy.

The choice would be yours, but I aim to work with you in pluralistic manner, which means working together to develop the best treatment plan for you. I care about you and therefore believe you are the best judge and analyst when it comes to your own care.


My core values and how I live my life make me the psychologist I am today. Do not get me wrong: I am always learning, and do not claim to know it all… far from it! At times the universe helps me learn wise words from a five year old; therefore, where there is potential to grow as human being, I endorse that learning.

My values stem from integrity, honesty, trust and genuineness. At my core, behind my values, is the essential value of love. I work where I love, I spend time with people I love, and I aim to provide elements of genuine love in the work I do with my clients. This is in no sense the romantic kind, but an unconditional positive regard of the human being you are.

Even though I am a positive psychologist, at times this approach may not be suited to your needs. Therefore, my therapy is very value driven, and stems from just valuing the human being you are.


Therapy is about you and your therapist is your own personal tool. I aim to be a tool in your toolbox, and to develop a genuine relationship with you. If you’re just looking for clean, straight-up empathy, then I can be that for you.

My main purpose is helping you, whether it is as an ear to listen to your problems, or via taking an active role in reflecting the many different perspectives that can change your current reality, and help you live a meaningful and joyful life.

My uniqueness is that I truly care and want to support you.  I am honest in an emphatic way, but my realness makes our interactions unique. Our relationship will be at the core of our work. I tailor your therapy to your presenting problem, whether it is mild depression/anxiety, or more severe forms of depression.

As mentioned earlier, my therapies are suited to your presenting issue.  I work with a variety of different presenting problems.  My experience of issues includes: Rape, child abuse, bullying, low mood and anxiety; violence against women (domestic and female genital mutilation); self-esteem/confidence issues; long term health conditions (ACT is form of therapy used); eating disorder (combination of ACT and CFT); or developing more insight to who you are, along with understanding relationship issues (family or romantic).

I continually develop my training by completing new therapeutic interventions via continual professional developments (CPD). Currently I will be providing CPD’s for my work with survivors of female genital mutilation. This training provided by me can be accessed through the BPS website if interested.


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The Chandlery 50 Westminster Bridge Rd,

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I work part-time in the NHS, am a lecturer, and  provide private work in London. I offer face-to-face therapy, Skype therapy, mindful walking and deliver ad hoc assessments for family and criminal courts, and provide court appearences. Price plans are given in your bespoke free consultations. A reduced fee of monthly payments can be given.

I look forward to meeting you.


Training and qualifications

I am a doctorally trained counselling psychologist, with a postgraduate diploma in counselling psychology, a masters in clinical neuroscience, and an honours degree in psychology. I have worked hard to be where I am, and, after a total of ten years of training, I aim to provide the best care possible for whomever I encounter.

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