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I believe everyone needs a good listening to.

Sometimes we are in a crisis, or wanting to change a bad habit or addiction, or simply needing to make a decision.  Sometimes we are just feeling down, or lost, worried or can’t sleep.  And sometimes it’s all about relationships, love, work, children, friendships – life.

I am an experienced, trained integrated humanistic psychotherapist who believes being listened to, understood and supported can help you to bring about important changes in your life.  I believe therapy can really help you to understand and like yourself, in fact, to love yourself and become your true self.  It can enable you to get on track and make the most of your life, relationships and opportunities.

Psychotherapy with Corinne Sweet


I have been working as a counsellor, holistic life coach and psychotherapist for many years.  I believe the current challenges we are facing in our society and culture, and the speed we are living at, is making is more important than ever to find time and space to think and deal with our feelings.  Therapy gives you time to be with yourself, to work things out, process emotions, make decisions, in the presence of someone who is on your side and who doesn’t criticise or judge.

I have been working with people all my adult life and have benefitted hugely from my own experience of therapy.  I am a campaigner, a teacher and lecturer, a broadcaster, am also a writer: I’ve written several self-help books (see below) and screenplays/dramas.  I am a singer and media performer (classical concerts, TV and Radio).  I also write biographies as a ‘Ghostwriter’.  I run therapy workshops based on my books (see below).

Corinne Sweet’s Self-Help Books


  • The Anxiety Journal (Pan MacMillan)
  • The Mindfulness Journal (Pan MacMillan)
  • Change Your Life With CBT: How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can Transform your Life (Pearsons)
  • How to Say No: Kick the ‘Disease to Please’ (Hodder – being reprinted as an e-book);
  • Overcoming Addiction: Positive Steps for Breaking Free of Addiction and Building Self-Esteem (Piatkus Books – being reprinted as an e-book);
  • Birth Begins At Forty: Challenging the Myths of Late Motherhood (Hodder – being reprinted as an e-book);
  • Stop Fighting About Money: How Money Can Make or Break A Relationship (being reprinted as an e-book).

For more information and links to purchase books please visit my website

Training and qualifications

I started with Family Planning and Rape Crisis, trained as holistic Life Coach and peer counsellor.  I was a Further, Adult and University Lecturer (I have a Certificate in Education).  I studied an MSc at Birkbeck College in the ‘Psychodynamics of Human Development (Jungian)’, gaining a Diploma in Psychology.  I have trained at Spectrum Therapy, gaining a Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  I will be training in Couples work 2017-18 at Spectrum Therapy and am in ongoing supervision.

At Spectrum Therapy I have had six years of training, including:  Anger Management, Childhood Sexual Abuse:  Occurrence and Prevention;  Basic and Intermediate Sexuality, The Drama Triangle, Gestalt and I have a Primary Certificate in CBT from the Centre for Stress Management.



£70 for an individual one hour session.
£90 for a couples one hour session.

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