Ann Marie CUNNINGHAM: Integrative , London, W1K London, EC3V
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Online , London W1K , London EC3V
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About Me



As a Therapeutic Executive Coach working with individuals and organisations, I will support your growth and development. I do not believe in a 'one size fits all'. Together we will explore where you are now, your future aspirations and what informs your present behaviours and patterns of being.

Therapeutic Executive Coaching is paramount to wellbeing and personal growth; sharing your story, your experiences, your thoughts and feelings with a professional in a confidential and non-judgemental environment enables change, facilitates healing and enriches life with greater meaning and awareness. It is my privilege to both facilitate and bear witness to the process; the sense of hope and possibility in the midst of struggle and vulnerability. 

Our collaborative alliance, coupled with my innate capacity to respond intuitively and authentically is at the heart of the transformation and success you will experience in working with me. Today you can create a different tomorrow. You are not alone; I will sit with you in a safe and impartial space and together we will find a way of working with kindness, curiosity, challenge and humour. Yes, we will laugh too! My hope for you is that you speak kindly to yourself and dare to dream big. I'm here for you.

My knowledge of integrative psychotherapy and coaching psychology allow me to draw from a range of approaches to work creatively with you and act as a catalyst for new perspectives to emerge. As a leading and dynamic facilitator of change, I engage with people who strive for excellence and may be in need of a thinking partner to facilitate new insights and perspectives (it can be lonely at the top of your game!). I combine strong analytical and intellectual skills with a supportive, compassionate and challenging style. This approach enables self-inquiry in a confidential environment and leads to long lasting paradigm shifts for individuals, organisations and society at large.

My approach is relational; I believe that our capacity for meaningful, authentic and reciprocal bonds with other human beings is central to our sense of wellbeing and resilience. When we stop developing ourselves, we stop being effective at developing others and when we are most alive to our own learning is often when we are of most value to others. I commit to regular supervision and continuous professional development.

I have many years of corporate experience working in Learning and Development and Leadership roles as an Accredited Professional Trainer and Expert Specialist in computer hardware and software. Together with my team of experts, I designed, developed and delivered innovative and bespoke initiatives, often rolling out multiple projects simultaneously within global investment banking corporations and SMEs. However, personal loss was the catalyst for my transition from being a high-flyer in the City to a place of introspection and transformative change. 

My personal mission is to heal psychological trauma, inspire personal growth and shine a light on the human need for connection, with kindness. Whatever is holding you back from living your life on your terms with meaning, inner peace and self-compassion is worth having a conversation about. 

EMDR - specialised Trauma therapy

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is one of the most significant, exciting and innovative developments for decades in the treatment of psychological developmental and emotional trauma related conditions. The impact of psychological trauma is traditionally known as 'soul loss'.

When a person’s psychological homeostatic mechanisms are overwhelmed, their ability to cope with a situation may be exceeded. They are then no longer able to help themselves through the fight or flight mechanism and they go into a freeze response. Many people will recover from this naturally, without professional intervention, but some people may develop ongoing symptoms which require professional intervention. What is challenging but manageable for one person may prove traumatic for another. Trauma may go unrecognised for years, sometimes only being picked up when the sufferer seeks help for something else, such as anger management, addictions, suicidal ideation, or relationship issues.

As a leading Trauma Therapist in Harley Street, I regularly treat single event trauma. This transformative work enables the overwhelming responses to the experienced trauma to be processed and become a 'normal' memory. Examples of single event trauma experiences: motor accident, mugging, rape, spiked drink, difficult childbirth, IVF, medical experiences, hearing shocking news like medical diagnosis, loss: bereavement, stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion, separation, divorce.

Clients often present because of triggers affecting their everyday life; they are often unaware of the root cause of their sabotaging behaviours, emotional numbness, relationship issues. When a person has been subjected to ongoing trauma, as in child abuse/neglect or domestic intimidation or violence, that could give rise to complex trauma. Abuse or neglect in childhood that has significantly affected normal psychological, emotional and social development may be referred to as developmental trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be diagnosed after certain kinds of traumatic events when symptoms have been ongoing for longer than one month. Delayed onset PTSD is also possible.

Not all wounds are visible; symptoms may include: 
• Nightmares 
• Guilt 
• Poor judgment 
• Intrusive memories 
• Poor memory 
• Survivor guilt 
• Flashbacks 
• Startle reflex 
• Hyper-vigilance 
• Irritability 
• Anger and rage 
• Self-destructive behaviours 
• Lack of feelings 
• Insomnia 
• Poor concentration 
• Hopelessness 
• Poor self-esteem 
• Negative self-image 
• Apathy 
• Mistrust 
• Isolation 
• Avoidance 
• Excessive blame 
• Dissociation

I am highly experienced and invested in continuing professional development:

* Leading EMDR therapist in Harley Street; healing psychological, developmental and emotional trauma 
* Acclaimed International Integrative Therapist; experienced in an eclectic range of transformative modalities 
* Dynamic Executive Coach; bridging the gap between surviving and thriving. Executive and Personal Coaching 
* Wellbeing Consultant; Trainer and Clinical Supervisor; supporting and developing professionals in the field 
* Conflict Dispute Resolution Mediator; facilitating change, raising awareness, inspiring personal growth 

Training and Accreditation 
Senior Accredited Psychotherapist (NCIP) 
Senior Accredited Global Executive Coach (EMCC) 
Trauma Therapist: EMDR (Level 4) as recognised by NICE and WHO - EMDR Europe Accredited 
Integrative Clinical Supervisor of Individuals and Groups (Training recognised by: BACP, AHPP, NCP) AoCS Accredited 
Executive Coach and Life Coach - Professional Coach EMCC, AC, AoEC Accredited 
Integrative Therapist: Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, CBT - NCIP Senior Accredited 
Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer 
Conflict Dispute Resolution CEDR Accredited Mediator

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First Practice
Davies Street

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Second Practice
Leadenhall St


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Attachment disorder
Burnout/Work-Related Stress
Interpersonal relationships
Panic attacks

Therapy offered

By phone
On video

Client groups



£240 for 1 hour session 

£350 for 1.5 hour session

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Less than 48 hours cancellation notice will be charged in full

Training and qualifications

Over 10 Years experience in Personal Wellbeing & Self Development

I am highly trained and experienced in Integrative Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy: NLP, CBT, EMDR for Trauma, Conflict Dispute Resolution Mediation, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching for individuals and organisations.  I also provide Clinical Supervision for Professionals.

Trauma Therapist: EMDR (Level 4) as recognised by National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence, World Health Organisation

Integrative Supervisor of Individuals & Groups

Executive Coach & Life Coach

Integrative Therapist: Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, CBT

Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer

Conflict Dispute Resolution Mediator

Verified professional membership

National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (Counsellors, Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists Only)