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Neil Lawrence

Business, Health and Fitness, and Life Coaching
New Cross SE14
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About me

Are you an outsider or busy creative?


Do you feel frustrated by the assumptions made about you?


Are you fed up with unreliable relationships?


Do you want to know the right approach for you?


Would you like to be authentic and live by your values?


Are you looking to achieve on your terms?


I work with people like you who want to be respected for who they are!


My name is Neil Lawrence and I empower outsiders and busy creatives to embrace difference and form strong relationships by using new strategies to build strength.  


I am an accredited transformational coach, mindfulness practitioner, a wellbeing expert, and a fiction writer. 


I work in both the public and private sector. 


I am warm, reliable, reflective, and committed


I have supported outsiders and creatives who often feel in transition. 


They are writers, architects, animators, playwriters and artists.


Early in my career I learned the need for compassionate thinking and emotional intelligence to be successful. 


This is why I do what I do.


After experiencing burn out and developing PTSD from a career in teaching I went on to have short stories published, 


I then decided to help people like me. 


I believe our lives get more exciting when we take ownership for difficulty and develop new skills to add to the ones we already have.


I have much experience in working with neurodivergence, LGBTQIA + community and those with already diagnosed and treated chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and PTSD. 


My key areas of expertise are grief, burnout, career choice, leadership, and resilience. 



Gene came to me when his business was about to close.


Previous to this he had a toxic and damaging experience of working for the public sector. 


He was also a musician and aspiring writer.


He came to coaching wanting to improve confidence and find a new direction for work.


We worked on the unfair and negative stories he often told himself like ‘I fail my family and myself.’


He found new ways to frame the life he lived. By reality testing these stories and using journals to provide positive evidence he built a new sense of self.


Gene left coaching feeling confident wand ready to take on the next challenge.


He said:


“I received insights into some of the formative influences on my thought processes...Neil’s ability to gently but relentlessly guide whilst never pushing was challenging but never too challenging...”



Now is the time for you to feel ,well equipped to act and to be surrounded by strong connections. 


So why would you want to wait?


Message me today to start a conversation.


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Neil has been a fantastic influence and a major help to me


Neil has great skills as a life coach, a fantastic listener, very empathetic, gives you the time to speak, express yourself, and always seems to understand what you're trying to say, even if you don't know. All of this while staying very professional and astute. We have covered many subjects and Neil has used many approaches and methods. Neil has been a fantastic influence and a major help to me, I would strongly recommend his services.”


“Neil has helped me to think of my problems differently and come up with solutions” 

Neil is very respectful, and I like that he asks how much you would like to be challenged at the start of each session. He is always encouraging and positive and this really helps me to take stock of what I have achieved, even if it doesn’t always feel like I have achieved very much. I like that Neil gives space for a large range of things to be talked out- since many of these things are often connected it is really helpful to be able to talk about things that may not always seem relevant. Whilst adopting a new way of thinking is tough, Neil has helped me to think of my problems differently and come up with solutions that I had never thought about before.

“I wouldn’t have known where to start… without guidance and support from Neil”

“A huge benefit for me was just feeling like I had a safe space where I was heard, respected and supported, and honouring this commitment each month allowed me to think about the areas of my life much more actively and expansively, and as a result reach some really positive conclusions. It was beneficial being able to work through some of my issues and areas of uncertainty without any fear of judgement or rejection. Overall, coaching allowed me to really configure my own values, tune into my purpose and identify the blocks in my way and why. I wouldn’t have known where to start going about this without guidance and support from Neil.”

“Genuine empathy and passion in supporting his coachees”

“Genuine empathy and passion in supporting his coachees. Resourceful set of tools to both empower the coachee and support coaching sessions. Creativity in picking up what and when sets of tools could be handy. Integrity, openness. Enthusiastic, supportive.”



I felt more confident on whether I was on the right path or otherwise” 

“I found the coaching sessions very useful to draw out of my thinking of various topics. I mainly used the coaching sessions to work out the best way to do something or brainstorm ideas and benefited from the challenge that coaching (Neil) provided. 

Coaching helped me to think more clearly about topics after the sessions and I felt more confident on whether I was on the right path or otherwise.”


“Neil…really helped me clarify and progress my journey” 


“I…appreciate the way the conversations are not forced in anyway but organic and sometimes guided with a reflection or question(s) with the topic being ultimately my choice. Neil often has very intuitive insights, reflections and observations during our conversations that really helped clarify and progress my journey with one or more of the goals or even on tangential topics.



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116 Barriedale
New Cross
SE14 6RG

Types of coaching offered

Health and Fitness

Coaching focuses

Stress Management
Work-Life Balance

Coaching offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email


Initial half hour consultation free. Typically £100 per session but concessions available. 

Training and qualifications

Training, qualifications & experience 

  • Transformational Coaching Diploma, practitioner level EMCC certificate (European and Coaching Council), Catalyst 14.
  • Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (theory for use by non-counsellors), Tavistock Institute, London
  • Wellbeing CPD, Diploma
  • Mindfulness Practitioner



Professional associations

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council

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