For National Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14th May), Share Your Story will be running a story campaign that aims to continue opening up a broader conversation around mental health, and we want to hear your story. We will be releasing a podcast everyday for the whole week; each reflecting different people’s experiences of mental health. As well as sharing stories we have gathered, we invite you to get in touch with us and join this important conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #storiesformentalhealth

My experience of gathering these stories so far has been overwhelming, moving and inspiring. The response was amazing, I had over 100 people in contact wanting to be involved in some way. I have met people that are so brave and courageous to share their experiences. I have bounced all over the south of England: Brighton, London, Bristol and around Devon. I am feeling tired, however every time I sit down to work on this project I have this overwhelming excitement of how life can be if we share our experiences and listen to each others stories. My experiences of mental health have been varied and I felt like I understood quite a bit, but the last month has taught me so much. These stories have helped me so much, I know they will be beneficial to others. We all have a story, so let’s share it.

Share Your Story exists to provide spaces to hear people’s stories, in order to inspire us to live better ones ourselves. Originating in Brighton we run storytelling events with various themes, run workshops and have recently launched a podcast.

We will also be running an event in Brighton on May 10th with four inspiring speakers and a workshop. For more details see