A juicing recipe from Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir's "Boost Your Vitality" - enjoy! 

Vitality is at the core of my 'Circle of Vitality' concept. Enhanced vitality strengthens your body and mind, acting as the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. That is why it's so important that we all have the opportunity to achieve it! That's why I have dedicated a whole chapter to smoothies and juices that focus on guiding you towards your vitality. 

Try my Brain Booster, specifically designed to boost your mental capacities! It includes almond milk—feel free to supplement this drink with the recipe in the first chapter.



1 cup unsweetened almond milk

¾ cup soy milk 

1 tbsp. chia seeds 

1 tbsp. cold pressed flaxseed oil 

1 tbsp. lecithin granules 

2 tbsp. whey protein powder 

¼ cup blackcurrant juice sweetened with concentrated apple juice 

2 tbsp. raisin water or 2-3 dates 

1 banana 

4 pinches of vanilla powder 

Chopped lemon peel from ½ lemon 

1 tbsp. lemon juice 

200g / 7oz frozen blackcurrants 

30 fresh mint leaves Blend well and enjoy straight away. It's great as a dessert.


Add 20 drops Ginkgo Biloba and 1 tsp. 'Udo's Flaxseed Oil' with natural DHA to clear your head. If you really need a boost, add 1 tbsp. acai powder.


“Chia seeds are top of the list as the 'new' superfood. They contain a considerable amount of omega 3 fatty acids - more so than flax seeds. Enjoy them in this smoothie, and give your brain a loving kiss."

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