Dr Thomas Italiano Integrative therapist , E14

A range of difficulties and experiences can affect anyone’s physical and mental wellbeing. Work related stress, relationship tensions, financial and health issues can impact on people’s ability to live at their full potential. Often these factors elicit or contribute to low mood, generalised anxiety, extensive worries and a range of other psychological disorders. At times difficulties are rooted in childhood and people might feel stuck in their past or unable to lead their life towards a meaningful direction.

Past experiences or more recent events can hold us back and the support of family and friends is not always sufficient to help us move forwards or find more helpful ways to cope.

My Approach

I am a chartered clinical psychologist, trained at a doctoral level to deliver a safe, reliable and effective psychological therapy. With an extensive experience in using talking therapy, I can offer you a space to reflect on what troubles you and find a way forward.

I work predominately from a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) perspective. However, I tend to integrate this approach with other therapy models, according to your difficulties and goals. I am keen on maintaining a flexible approach, where we collaborate and tailor the pace of our work on your needs and circumstances. Therapy can help you develop an understanding of your thinking and behavioural patterns and support you in adopting more helpful coping styles. Together we can find alternative ways to deal with your problematic life circumstances and pursue emotional wellbeing.

Psychological therapy can also help you achieve a better understanding of yourself and explore why, even when things seem to be in the right place, you might feel unsatisfied or disconnected.

Further Information 

You can find more information on the therapeutic approach I use on my website: http://thomasitaliano.wixsite.com/psycologistcw


Training and qualifications

I have completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University College London (UCL) and I am registered with the Health & Care Professional Council (HCPC). I am also a Cognitive Behavioural therapist, accredited by the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), and am guided and abide by their professional practice guidelines.

I have worked in a variety of Mental Health settings within the NHS and I am currently working in a MAP (Mood, Anxiety and Personality Disorder) Service in East London.


Our First Session

We will use the first session to discuss your current difficulties and your expectations for therapy. It will be an opportunity to assess whether we can work well together and whether my approach suits your needs for therapy. If you are not happy or sure, there is no obligation to take treatment forward any further.

Individual sessions last 50 minutes and cost £80; payments can be done by cash or bank transfers.

I am also registered as a psychological/counselling therapy provider for AXA, Aviva and Cigna insurance.
If you wish to use your insurance, you may want to check whether your provider requires you to obtain a referral from your GP.

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