Sara Dryburgh: Online Integrative Psychotherapist
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Sara Dryburgh

Integrative psychotherapist
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About Me

I work with professional women who are dealing with the "perfect storm" of their mid-late 30s, when many issues come to a head together. Significant career decisions are looming.

Personal life is more serious; you know that if you want a family it needs to be soon, but finding the right partner is difficult. The demands of ageing parents and possible inheritances create more work and possibly conflicts with siblings.

These are the outside issues, but there are equally pressing internal ones. You have created a successful professional persona, but who actually are you underneath it?

The "presenting problem" could have different names; anxiety, depression, painful confusion.. but however you label it, every label points to the same thing: you have reached a crucial point in your story. The stakes could not be higher; they are the whole of the rest of your life.

If this resonates with you, the next step is to make an initial appointment, via my website. If you feel ready to start, you can book and confirm a 50 minute session immediately. If you are not quite ready, there is also a free 15 consultation in which I take you through a few questions to make sure that I can help you, and you can ask any questions you have. 

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Issues often worked with

Burnout/Work-Related Stress
Emotional abuse
Finding meaning
Panic attacks

Therapy offered

By phone
On video

Client groups



£100 per session. 


Training and qualifications

I am registered with the HCPC as a practioner psychologist and with the British Psychological Society as a psychologist specialising in psychotherapy.

I worked for ten years as a psychotherapist in Italy and another ten in the NHS in London before starting private practice. I am trained in analytic and cognitive therapy and have also taught philosophy. It is this fusion of different approaches and concepts that I bring to issues that are complex and multi-faceted.

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My articles

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Sara Dryburgh