Sally Potter Integrative counsellor , M20

I work with individuals, couples and groups. My areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, life transitions, parenting, work challenges and organisational dynamics. I have advanced specialist training in all aspects of relationship therapy and couples counselling.

I believe our life's work is to become who we really are. We are innately creatures of pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness. We lose track of these core essentials through the hurts and difficulties of living in an imperfect world. Finding our way to live these natural basic truths is the journey of psychotherapy.

Through working on myself I am aware what a challenge it is to change limiting patterns and habits of a lifetime. I also know it is possible to do so, and I have years of dedicated training and experience that helps me help others.

As a leadership development consultant and executive coach, my international work includes leadership development in Malta, Spain, Cyprus, the Middle East and the United States, as well as coaching corporate clients from all over the world.

In 2004 I became a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University's School of Management where I have contributed to flagship programmes for top executives for over 15 years. My speciality is using depth psychology in practical ways, enabling clients to increase their potential and achieve lasting transformation. I am closely involved in ongoing collaboration with companies who are purposefully developing and retaining high calibre female talent.

My expertise as an accredited psychotherapist helps individuals and teams to safely explore organisational systems and relationship dynamics. It also adds depth and dimension to my coaching with individual corporate leaders. Trained in Positive Psychology as well as fitness and wellbeing, I bring a range of perspectives to processes of change and development.

My passion is learning: many of my interests,like developmental psychology, mindfulness, and brain science link in to my working life. This is both a delight and a challenge to balance life so there's also time to smell the roses with loved ones! Spending time in nature is essential to my well being. And to keep myself vital and energetic I join a group of like-minded folk for regular intensive early-morning workouts in my local park. I love this, rain or shine, dark or dawn chorus, and really miss it when work or play take me away from home.





Training and qualifications

2015: Accredited as Pesso Boyden Trainer

2013: Certified as Pesso Boyden Supervisor (PBSP Institute)
2011-12: Certified as Trainer and as Facilitator in UK THRIVE initiative of Penn Resilience Programme (Positive Psychology)
2011: MA in Relationship Therapy with Distinction (University of Hull)
2007 - present: bi-annual Advanced Psychology seminars (Dr Alexis Johnson, Centre for Intentional Living)
2006 - 2008: Post Graduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy (University of Hull)
2005: Couples Counselling Training (Relate)
2002 - present: annual advanced training with Al Pesso (PBSP Institute)
2003 - 2007: Survey of Psychology Programme (Centre for Intentional Living)
2000 - 2004: Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Training (PBSP Institute)
2000 - present: Advanced Coach & Trainer (Centaur Leadership)
1998 - 2001: Fitness / Gym Instructor Training (YMCA)
1996 - 2000: Bioenergetics and Body Reading (Centaur Leadership)
1991:  Msc Education Management        
1975:  BA hons English Language and Literature

Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management 2004 - present

Facilitator / presenter on programmes at Cranfield School of Management:
  2000 - present: Increasing Personal Power
  2008 - present: coach, bespoke Women's Leadership Programme (Ernst & Young)
  2003 - 2009: Organisational and Interpersonal Skills
  1998 - 2004: Empowering Women Managers
  1996 - 2009: Managing People Effectively

Relationship therapist and trainer at Relate 2005 - 2012




£75 for a session of one  hour


Pesso Boyden one-to-one sessions £110 for a session of one and a half hours


Pesso Boyden small group sessions:  for dates and prices see


(The Pesso Boyden approach is a unique and powerful approach to personal growth, insight and change. I am the only certified practitioner in the North of England)

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Psychodynamic Mindfulness Integrative Transpersonal Cognitive behaviour therapy Issues often worked with:
AnxietyDepressionInterpersonal relationships

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