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I specialise in helping my clients gain greater clarity and happiness in relationships.  I also help people manage overwhelming feelings, such as anxiety, low-self esteem or just feeling down and not sure why or what to do about it.  I work with individuals and couples.  

Whatever you feel you are struggling with I will listen compassionately to your story so that you feel heard and understood. I offer you a calm yet robust presence that allows you to explore your thoughts and feelings safely.  Many of our problems may be rooted in how we relate to ourselves and other people.  Often when we feel 'stuck' anxious or depressed we are limiting ourselves in some way, 'beating up on ourselves' or not treating ourselves with the loving care we deserve.  As a therapist I can help you look at yourself and your dilemmas from different angles which can feel both a relief and very liberating.  I offer you a collaborative relationship in which you can explore whatever is troubling you so that together we can uncover and illuminate what it is your soul longs for.

What brings one to therapy?

We can decide to seek therapy for many reasons.  Often we have known for sometime that a certain area of our lives is not working or that something that happened to us in the past is perhaps holding us back.  However we put off seeking help feeling we should be able to work things out alone and remain 'stuck' in self-defeating behaviours or in jobs or relationships that are ultimately unfulfilling.
Relationship anxiety is something I help many of my clients with.  It may be connected to a past or present trauma, a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities or overwhelm due to difficult circumstances or life changing transitions such as illness, loss, bereavement or divorce.
Other typical areas I work with in my practice include addictions, eating disorders, depression and work place stress. As a couples counsellor I also see couples who are unhappy and have resorted to blaming each other for their distress.  My role then is to facilitate insight and understanding by holding 'a safe place' for the couple to speak honestly and openly about their fears and or vulnerabilities.  Very often this helps create a positive shift in how the couple communicate with each other, helping to renew their appreciation, erotic connection and love for the other.  At other times the therapy may facilitate a separation or moving on and then the couples work becomes a process of saying goodbye and grieving the loss of the relationship.
How I work

I work with you as an individual which means that my approach will be guided by your personality, your needs and what brings you to therapy.  As an integrative transpersonal therapist I am interested in helping you discover more about your 'gifts' and uniqueness and our work together may, if this is an area that appeals to you, help you gain greater access to your intuition and your heart's desire through the power of dreams, visualisations and creative 'play'.

What to expect when we first meet

Initially I will have a conversation with you on the phone and take some basic details about you.  We will then arrange to meet and during the first session I will endeavour to get a sense of you and how I may be able to help you.  This is also an opportunity for you to decide whether you feel comfortable with me and ask any questions you may have about my training or orientation.  I offer both short term and long term therapy.  Short term therapy is beneficial if you want to focus on a  specific problem in your life or you have recently experienced a traumatic life event such as a bereavement, illness, divorce or job loss. Longer term therapy may be better suited to you if you feel that you are struggling with more 'deep seated' emotional issues from your past.

Ultimately however we work creatively together to provide meaningful solutions to what you are struggling with in life.




Training and qualifications

B.A (Hons)
Diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE)
Certificate in Couples Work (Revision)
Nutritionist Dip (ION)


£60 for individuals (50 minutes)

£95 for couples (75 minutes)

I have some reduced fee spaces for people on low incomes available by negotiation

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