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Olya Sergeeva

Integrative psychotherapist
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About Me

Thank your for visiting my therapy page. My name is Olya and I am a qualified psychotherapist. I welcome you to my online therapy practice.


Are you here because you are in pain? I want to help and support you, providing a safe confidential space where you can talk and be as you are now. No need to hide, nor to pretend. I am available to listen to you for as long as you need me. My patience, empathic understanding and active listening skills have no limits, because I trust I listen with my heart and soul to your heart and soul. 


please tell me what troubles and worries you? I am here to listen with attention and to understand deeply. Then I will reflect what you have shared with me. Sometimes by hearing back your worries, they are released because they are recognised and acknowledged. Moreover the relief and calm may descend instead of troubles.


If not, I will ask you some clarifying questions to reflect further. I will stay attune with you, so any difficulty and pain you may be experiencing during a therapy session or in life, is shared with me so you are not on your own. That is not little. This can be nourishing and therefore healing.

Quite often a therapist takes a role of a mother/father, and helps a client’s inner child to be seen, heard and understood. This is called reparenting, the therapist is mothering an inner child of a client so eventually the client themselves can acquire the skill of mothering and mother themselves in life when they feel ignored, neglected and malnourished. 


I have been seeing clients one-to-one since the beginning of my training for 8 years. I am familiar and have direct experiences with some of the 12 step programs such as AA - alcoholic anonymous, SLAA - sex and love addiction anonymous, ACA - adult child of an alcoholic, DA - debtor anonymous, OA - overeater anonymous.


Now I want to share something personal about myself as an act of trust. The hardest part in therapy is to trust, to trust your therapist. I have done many therapy sessions myself and shared many innermost experiences, but it took me time to trust my therapist. Partly, because I never knew what they went through themselves, that had created a distance between us, which was difficult to cross for me. I want to begin a therapeutic relationship with my clients after they know about me at least a little bit, some of my own personal woundings. By sharing my story I am saying that my client and I, we will start therapy on equal footing because we both have woundings. The disclosure of my wounding is also a proof of my healing, how much I have processed and integrated of my personal painful material. As a result, now I can share without any guilt, no pain nor shame. 


Here there are my two disclosures about my delayed, prolonged grief and my addiction. When I was 17 my mother suddenly died. It was a big loss followed by the bigger one, I lost my self. At 17, at the existential level I experienced what it meant to feel empty, lonely, abandoned and on my own in the world. I medicated my pain and fears with alcohol. By my 30s I was at my rock bottom with unprocessed grief. There were two options for me to die or begin my healing. I had begun my healing in therapy and recovery in aa. Now, in 2022, at 45, I am 10 years sober. During my second year of sobriety I began my training as a psychotherapist as a gift to my self. I also have processed the loss of my mother and accepted her death. I know it because I have begun to live my own life. 


Now I want to name some psychological difficulties I can help with. My therapeutic approach is integrative transpersonal based on trauma. I can help with emotional trauma, depression, abandonment, neglect, grief, suicidal thinking, numbing with sleep, sex, food, alcohol, any form of abuse sexual, financial or physical, rape, domestic violence and much more.


At your pace, in a safe, stable and sensitive manner I will listen to all your stories and pain as much as you need me to. You are welcome to repeat it, again and again, so you can process and integrate what was silenced, denied and as a result numbed out in you before. The most important part in healing is to feel again and that could be difficult. My role as a psychotherapist will be to support you by containing and holding you through it. I promise you that I will do that. I am very patient, grounded and stable. If my wounding, skills, qualities and qualification resonate and evoke trust please get in touch with me, I would be very glad to meet and get to know you. Thank you for reading. 

I have two places for a low fee of £15-25 per session. Please get in touch as soon as possible to take it. 

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I provide my services online

Issues often worked with

Binge eating
Childhood difficulties
Emotional abuse
Sexual abuse
Suicidal thoughts

Therapy offered

By phone
On video
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Client groups



Fee is £50-60 per 50 minutes session

Training and qualifications

Verified professional membership

TRAINEE: UK Council for Psychotherapy